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About the faculty

The QUT Faculty of Education is unique in its blend of large-scale teacher education and research excellence.

With over 5,000 students and almost 200 full-time staff, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of education specialist programs including early childhood, primary, middle years and secondary programs. We offer postgraduate studies in a range of areas, such as teacher-librarianship, school guidance and counselling, and literacy. Award programs include:

  • bachelor
  • graduate certificates
  • masters degrees
  • professional doctorate
  • doctor of philosophy.

We have strong links with the professional community at a state, national and international level.

Our staff are committed to improving the quality of education for the broad spectrum of learners in Australia and beyond. Many of our preservice graduates are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers Registration but some work in childcare settings or as trainers in community and industry settings, where registration is not required.

A wide range of professional development programs provide learning opportunities for teachers and other educators across many specialisations.


We believe in 'Leading Innovation in Learning'.

Our commitment is to:

  • generate opportunities for risk and experimentation
  • deliver high impact research and development
  • build intercultural competence and capacity for global citizenship
  • promote lifelong and life-wide learning
  • build strategic collaborations
  • enact and promote socially just and inclusive learning environments
  • develop a culture of transdisciplinary approaches within and beyond the faculty.

This means we must:

  • ensure an intellectually stimulating and encouraging faculty environment
  • provide an environment that promotes and supports high expectations
  • advance flexible and responsive faculty structures and processes
  • use strategic evidence-based approaches to decision making
  • progress reconciliation and authentic partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • engage in public advocacy
  • expand transnational collaborations
  • strengthen innovative pedagogy through embedding technology.


QUT staff and students are active researchers and in addition to winning competitive research grants, undertake a wide range of collaborative and contract research with (and for) partners in the education sector at state, national and international levels.

Research and research training in the Faculty of Education is led and managed through the Office of Education Research (OER).

International connections

As an international leader in the field of education, we seek to:

  • continually develop an international and culturally sensitive environment that enriches all our teaching, research and service activities
  • prepare graduates with global perspectives relevant to their roles in the profession and the community
  • provide opportunities in all contexts, but especially in the Asia Pacific region, for educators and researchers to develop their potential to contribute to the communities they serve.

International connections include:

  • offshore undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Singapore
  • a joint Bachelors degree with the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOEM)
  • professional development programs in TESOL with several Hong Kong universities
  • cooperative agreements with educational organisations in China, Vietnam, and other South East Asian nations
  • education projects in developing nations across Asia and the Pacific through AusAid, Asian Development Bank and World Bank
  • exchange programs for staff and students with universities around the world.

Dean's welcome

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at QUT. Teacher education has been occurring at Kelvin Grove for over 50 years, under the auspices of many organisations, including Kelvin Grove Teachers College, Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers College, Brisbane College of Advanced Education and since 1990, QUT.

This is a wonderful heritage and we are proud of our achievements. Our faculty provides the largest preservice teacher education program in Australia for both undergraduate and graduate-entry students and we remain strongly committed to excellence in this pathway into the professional community of educators. Our programs for beginning educators are innovative and forward looking and cover a wide range of specialist areas for education not only in schools, but also in early childhood settings, community and industry learning places.

The faculty also provides exciting postgraduate coursework options for those with an interest in learning across all types of organisations. These include the flagship degree - the Master of Education, the Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) and a wide range of Graduate Certificates in Education.

Equally, we are committed to our scholarly life and take pride in our strong research profile and our cutting edge research training programs - the PhD, EdD and MEd (Research). Our blend of research excellence and large-scale teacher education is a distinguishing feature of this faculty.

Our faculty community is actively engaged with the professional community beyond the university - through service programs, professional development programs, collaborative research and fee-for-service consultancies. We understand that such professional engagement is absolutely essential if we are to achieve our goals for the future.

Whether you are a new staff member or prospective student, a research partner or a professional colleague, you are welcome. I hope your visit is an interesting and productive one.

Professor Carol Nicoll
Executive Dean, Faculty of Education


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