Our research excellence

We have an outstanding track record of securing competitive funding and delivering commercial research projects.


Our research quality is rated above world standard for all fields of research in education in the 2018 Excellence in Research in Australia assessment round.



Consistently in the top 2 universities in the Australian Research Council schemes for Education.


Highest number of Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) in the field of Education since the scheme’s inception.

ARC grants

Discovery Early Career Research Award

  • Dr Sonia White 2016-2018 Supporting Children's Early Mathematics Development $365,071
  • Dr Alberto Bellocchi 2016- 2018 Engaging Science Students Emotionally by Fostering Positive Social Bonds $369,000
  • Dr Laura Scholes 2017-2019 Challenging Masculinities Associated with Boys’ Failure in Reading $377,000
  • Dr Michael Mu 2018-2021 Resilience, culture, and class: A sociological study of Australian students $414,325
  • Dr Kate Williams 2019 A rhythm and movement intervention for self-regulation in preschool $410,500

Discovery Projects

  • Professor Lyn English and Dr Donna King Developing STEM Literacy in the Primary Curriculum $603,900
  • Professor Annette Woods, Professor Barbara Comber and Dr Lisa Kervin (University of Wolloongong) Learning to write: A socio-material analysis of text production $315,100
  • Associate Professor Karen Dooley and Associate Professor Cathie Doherty Private Literacy Tutoring: A Sociology of Shadow Education $242,575
  • Professor Linda Graham, Professor Susan Walker, Dr Sonia White, Dr Kathryn Cologon (MU), Professor Pamela Snow (Latrobe) and Professor Robert Pianta (University of Virginia) Which Children Develop Severely Disruptive School Behaviour? $384,000
  • Professor Susan Danby, Dr Stuart Ekberg, Associate Professor Johanna Rendle-Short (ANU), Professor Patsy Yates, Dr Anthony Herbert (Children’s Health Qld), Dr Natalie Bradford, Prof Myra Bluebond-Langner (University College London) Extraordinary yet mundane talk: children navigating palliative care $588,592
  • Professor Lyn English, Associate Professor Donna King, A/Prof Tamara Moore (Purdue University), Associate Professor Nicholas Mousoulides (University of Nicosia) Modelling with design: learning innovation across primary science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) $347,968
  • Professor Joanne Lunn Brownlee, Associate Professor Leonie Rowan (Griffith University), Professor Mary Ryan, Professor Susan Walker, Dr Theresa Bourke, Prof Eva Johansson (University of Stavanger) Educating preservice teachers to teach diverse learners $370,212

Linkage Projects

  • Professor Linda Graham, Dr Jillian Willis, Dr Naomi Sweller (Macquarie University), Associate Professor Sonia White, Dr Andrew Gibson, Associate Professor Christopher DeLuca (Queens University, Ontario), Ms Gaenor Dixon (Speech Pathology Australia) Improving outcomes through accessible assessment and inclusive practices $507,484. With partners Benowa State High School; Kedron State High School, Macgregor State High School, Queensland Curriculum And Assessment Authority, Queensland Secondary Principals' Association Incorporated and Speech Pathology Australia.
  • Professor Susan Walker, Professor Marilyn Fleer (Monash), Associate Professor Nikolai Veresov (Monash) and Dr Iris Duhn (Monash) Building Executive Function in Imaginary Play $214,857

Queensland Government Education Horizon scheme


  • Suzanne Carrington, Kate Williams, Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Nerida Spina, Amanda McFadden & Megan Kimber Understanding school improvement in Queensland: Developing a program theory $52,361
  • Sue Irvine, Karen Thorpe (UQ), Joanne Lunn, Amanda McFadden, Victoria Sullivan (UQ), Peta McNellie, Kym Groth (Family Daycare Association), Jane Bourne (The Gowrie QLD Inc.), Cathy Bavage (Wynnum Family Day Care), Laurien Beane (Early Childhood Australia) Distributed leadership in family day care: Challenge, change and opportunities $148,069
  • Margaret Kettle, Annette Woods, Susan Danby Using students’ home languages to promote learning in high stakes secondary education: Pedagogical guidelines for teachers in culturally and linguistically diversifying regional and rural areas $34,910
  • Maryann Theobald, Susan Danby, Ilana Mushin (UQ), Rod Gardiner (UQ), Gillian Busch (CQU) & Lyndal O’Gorman Empowering global learners. A teacher-as-researcher approach $69,254
  • Sue Irvine with Karen Thorpe (Leader, UQ) and team The when, what and how of observing and assessing best practice in Early Childhood Education and Care: Towards an observational framework for Queensland’s Authorising Officers $88,000
  • Linda Knight with Amy Cutter-Mackenzie (Leader, USC), Karen Malone (UWS) & Alexandra Lasczik (SCU) Mapping scientific concepts through nature play in early childhood education: Achieving excellence in STEM through evidence-based pedagogies $88,725


  • A/Prof Susan Irvine, Prof Karen Thorpe (UQ), Prof Jo Lunn, Elena Jansen, Jane Bourne (ECA), Dr Amanda McFadden, Laurien Beane (ECA) Professionalism, paperwork and pedagogy: Identifying leadership strategies that enable professional practice in long day care with co-sponsors Early Childhood Australia $45,314.00
  • Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan and Prof Linda Graham Wellbeing matters: a collaborative approach to harnessing student voice to develop a Wellbeing Framework for Action in the middle years $65,766.28
  • Dr Judith Howard and Tracey Sempowicz Requirements for a state-wide framework for Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP) in Queensland Schools $38,541.00
  • Dr Amanda McFadden, Kathleen Smeaton, Dr Maryanne Theobald, Prof Jo Lunn, Prof Susan Danby, Kerry Boland (Rose Rainbow); Marilyn Way (Rose Rainbow) Digital play - using pedagogical approaches to teach information literacy skills through play with co-sponsor Rose Rainbow Preschool and Kindergarten $47,247.93 (over 2 years)


  • Dr Amanda McFadden, Ms Kathleen Smeaton, Dr Maryanne Theobald, Dr Megan Gibson and Professor Jo Lunn Developing a pedagogical model for information literacy in the early years: a transdisciplinary approach $20,854
  • Associate Professor Linda Graham, Dr Amanda Mergler and Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan Empowering leaners: using student voice, videorecorded classroom interactions and teacher feedback to develop positive learning environments in high-need Queensland secondary schools $92,831
  • Dr Kate Williams and Adjunct Professor Donna Berthelsen From developmentally vulnerable in prep to performing strongly in Year 3: child, family, and schooling factors that support 'closing the gap' $29,414
  • Dr Jill Willis, Dr Kelli McGraw and Associate Professor Linda Graham Strengthening senior curriculum and assessment pedagogies $22,575

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