Support and scholarships

We offer a number of scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Excellence Scholarships

Our Excellence Scholarships for Creative Industries are awarded to students who are ranked highest in their portfolio, interview or performance for entry into our courses in acting, dance, dance performance, music, visual arts, as well as the corresponding double degrees with secondary education and business.

Through this program you could receive a scholarship valued between $10,000 and $30,000 each.

QUT Excellence Scholarship (Elite Visual and Performing Arts)

QUT Excellence Scholarship (Creative Industries)

Other scholarships

If you're a high-achieving student and interested in a creative industries course that does not have an additional performance requirement for course admission, you may be eligible for other scholarships including academic or sport scholarships.

There are also scholarships available for students facing financial hardship, and students who demonstrate entrepreneurial potential.

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Corporate Partners in Excellence Scholarship

Entrepreneurial support

Creativity, communication and design are at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Opportunities to promote and distribute work and content digitally are expanding career options for graduates. Creative skills are highly valued across all industries.

These skills can also open the way for entrepreneurs to start their own creative ventures.

QUT Entrepreneurship

QUT Entrepreneurship is a university-wide initiative which builds on our heritage as an entrepreneurial powerhouse to help our students, alumni and staff make their ideas a reality. You'll have access to a wealth of high-level entrepreneur expertise, resources and networking opportunities.

How we amplify opportunities

QUT Budding Entrepreneur Scholarship

To support budding student entrepreneurs, we offer a generous scholarship for innovative individuals who are engaged in their passion for entrepreneurial action.

Future student scholarship

Study and career support

Creative Industries supports and welcomes all students to be the best they can be. Get the help you need with our Student Success Group. Connect with career and employment experts who can help you with applications for Work Integrated Learning, placements, internships, international experiences or graduate positions in the creative industries.

Support for students

We provide a range of ongoing support and assistance in a culturally supportive environment. We host academic, cultural and social activities throughout the year, including a specialised orientation program.

Working closely with the Oodgeroo Unit, we can connect you with the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare community, as well as employers and organisations who offer tailored programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students.

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International student support

Moving to a new country can be a big change. We support international students to make the transition to living in Brisbane and studying with QUT. We can support you with:

  • pre-arrival information and airport reception
  • international orientation
  • adjusting and settling into life in Australia
  • bringing your family
  • accommodation and homestays
  • advice and counselling
  • financial assistance
  • social trips and activities.

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We’re proud to support our staff and students who identify as lesbian; gay; bisexual; transgender; intersex; queer or questioning; asexual, agender or aromantic; and those with other diverse genders and sexualities (LGBTIQA+). Our Ally network provides support, safe zones, services, events, information and resources to the QUT community.

You’ll be able to access counselling, medical services and specialist health clinics that can help you with any health concerns. Our QUT Guild and Queer Collective have a strong history of representing diversity on campus and contributing to a safe, fair and equitable experience for all students.

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Australian and NZ students

Contact HiQ for general student enquiries.

3138 2000

Research students

Contact for enquiries about research courses within our faculty.

Industry engagement

Contact for engagement opportunities within our faculty.