Creative Industries

Commercial research and consultancy

We need new ways of thinking, innovative problem solving and greater agility to combat a rapidly changing world. Drawing on in-depth research and expertise from a wide range of disciplines, we offer effective and innovative approaches to help organisations and communities to develop new ideas and initiatives, collaborate, solve problems and open up new opportunities.

Our consultancy and commercial research services are tailored to suit our client's needs and the context in which they operate.

Evaluations and reporting

We can provide evaluations of arts, media, and design industry and practice. Recent projects undertaken by our researchers include:

  • an evaluation of the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM)
  • assessment of the direct and indirect value of public libraries
  • evaluation of sources and trends in public sector funding for the arts.

The APAM inter-year report for the Brisbane Powerhouse provided an evaluation of international market development outcomes, as well as evaluated national market development outcomes through showcasing work to national presenters and producers.

Community engagement: InstaBooth

The InstaBooth is an interactive booth containing different kinds of interactive opportunities, including interactive screens, projectors and cameras, a black board for writing ideas with chalk, pin-boards for post it notes and drawing surfaces. The InstaBooth allows locals and passers-by to have their say on a wide range of current issues and topics or on new plans and strategies being developed.

Recent Instabooth deployments have included:

  • Department of Communities, Office for Women, Queensland Women's Strategy development project
  • 2015 Brisbane Writers Festival - Brisbane 2050, Imagining Our Future City
  • 2015 UR BNE Festival
  • QUT and California Polytechnic State University InstaBoothQUT - InstaBoothCA collaboration


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