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Course Description
Beginning acting A course for beginners and drama students, which focuses on craft, imagination development, improvisation and the voice.
Digital storytelling intensives Learn the foundations for creating and using the tool of digital storytelling.
Fashion illustration for beginners This course will provide you with the foundations for creating a portfolio of fashion illustration using industry-standard design software.
Introduction to social media An overview of social media tools and how to use them to promote issues and agendas.
Public speaking: making meaningful messages In this course you will learn the strategies that established speakers use to plan and deliver talks and speeches.
Social media marketing tools for business Advanced sessions on how social media channels can be used as part of a complete marketing program for a business.
Stepping off a cliff: starting your first novel An introductory course for first-time novelists to learn the elements of writing.

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Corporate Education / Tailored Workshops

If you would like tailored workshops or education programs designed to meet the needs of your workplace, please contact the Creative Industries Faculty - Commercial Programs Office.

Digital Storytelling

Creative Industries Faculty researchers adapt Digital Storytelling to a variety of contexts and purposes including education, poverty reduction, public history, and youth engagement.

We also provide access to this expertise, through short courses, customized workshops, and consultancy services. Find out more about our services and watch the latest digital stories on our Digital Storytelling site.

Digital Storytelling


Short Course and Professional Development Program

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