Creative Industries

What are the creative industries?

Creativity and design are at the forefront of a rapidly changing world.

Creativity has never been more valued by individuals, society and employers. Creative workers play an important role in driving economic, social and cultural development.

Create, communicate and design

The lines between creative fields are increasingly blurred. Visual artists use interactive and moving images, performers use digital media in site-specific works, and collaborative teams create sophisticated productions that captivate our senses.

Technology provides new possibilities for artists - in the creation of their works, as new outlets for their creativity, and as a means of promoting and distributing their work. Cutting-edge use of digital technologies produces networked performances and cultural experiences.

Creative economy

The creative industries are innovation led, knowledge intensive and highly exportable, and make a larger contribution to GDP than a number of traditional industry groups.

  • Cultural and creative industries provides US$2.25 billion revenue, 3% of world GDP, and 29.5 million jobs worldwide.
  • Creative workers are highly valued, with higher than average incomes.
  • The creative industries represent 6.2% of total Australian employment.
  • Employment in creative industries is growing 40% faster than the Australian economy as a whole.

The Australian creative industries sector boasts:

  • Industry growth driven by the digital revolution and demand for digital and design services across the whole economy.
  • More than 611,000 in the total creative workforce in Australia.
  • $3.2 billion total export from the creative industries in Australia annually.
  • 122,564 registered businesses in Australia

The Australian government recognises that a creative economy contributes to cultural diversity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and technological advancement.

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Creative future

Working closely with partners from government and industry, the Creative Industries Faculty has positioned itself as a leader in the development of creative industries in Queensland and nationally and aims to become an internationally-networked hub of creative enterprise.