Creative Industries

About the faculty

QUT Creative Industries Faculty is a world leader in arts, media and design teaching and research, with extensive industry partnerships and a proven track record in growing the creative economy.

Through forward-looking courses and cutting-edge research, QUT Creative Industries is leading the way nationally and internationally.

Creative education

The Faculty's academic programs include some of the highest-demand undergraduate courses at QUT. Specialist degrees across a range of creative study areas include the Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Entertainment Industries, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Media and Communication degrees. Unique to QUT is the Bachelor of Creative Industries, which equips graduates with diverse knowledge, creativity and professional skills across a range of industries and practice.

Industry connections

Located in the Creative Industries Precinct at Kelvin Grove, as well as QUT Gardens Point campus, the QUT Creative Industries Faculty is not only training the creative workforce, but working with industry and government to grow the sector. Our connections to industry and the leading-edge research we conduct tell us that creativity has never been more valued by employers. As the benefits of creativity are recognised by multinational businesses, creative talents are increasingly in demand in a range of industries - not just traditional cultural institutions.

Research partnerships

Research at the Creative Industries Faculty is led by the Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC), Design Lab and Creative Lab. Our research centres help society understand and adapt to the changing digital environment; tackle major societal challenges; and innovate the creative, performing and screen arts.

Our schools

Our faculty consists of three schools:

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty.

We invite you to join with us in shaping the future of the creative professions at a time of critical transformation in higher education and changing understandings of what it is to be a modern university.

In the Creative Industries Faculty our central mission lies in discovering new knowledge, preserving foundational discoveries and practices of the past and mentoring the rising generation but within a framework which acknowledges the dynamics of the 21st Century. This environment is one of technological innovation, global mobility, industry partnerships and the democratisation of knowledge and access.

We have new curriculum designs which actively incorporate fresh ways of learning - mobile learning, computer based learning, social learning (to draw on our remarkably social brains) and workplace learning. All our teaching seeks to create learning opportunities which build your confidence as learners and encourage you to make strong efforts to learn and perform at a high level.

Our Faculty attracts both national and international students to our suite of higher research degrees appropriate for traditional researchers as well as creative practitioners, including our PhD, Doctorate of Creative Industries, Masters of Fine Arts, Masters of Arts and Masters of Design in Research.

Our research strengths in Digital Media, Communication and Culture, Innovation in the Performing and Digital Arts and Sustainability and Innovation in Design provides unique opportunities for students to interact with inspiring world leaders in these fields.

Creativity is no longer seen as a luxury. It's an economic and cultural imperative valued by individuals, society and employers. Arts, media and design are vital components in the development of social innovation and to build fulfilling local and global community  citizenship. It is an exciting time to embark on or further a creative career, or perhaps even to build new creative business ideas. With the right combination of passion and skills you can extend your horizons and opportunities in the Creative Industries.

Professor Mandy Thomas, Executive Dean


Creative Industries Faculty

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