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05 November 2013

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) sound production student has created an innovative video to complement one of QUT Dance's latest performance works.

Jeffrey Bethea, an exchange student from the United States, created a video for Dance13 that has a "balanced and coherent flow" between the stage performers and manipulated vision of dancers on screen.

"I was striving to direct the audience's attention back and forth," Mr Bethea said.

The 21-year old has previous dance and choreography experience at the Latin Dance club at Arcadia University in the US. He said his experiences allowed him to "recognise appealing angles of the body" and create a type of "second choreography, re-manipulating it for the video".

QUT Adjunct Associate Professor Shaaron Boughen choreographed a contemporary piece for the dancers, who were filmed as part of the creative development process, which resulted in Mr Bethea's media production. She said the sound design student's editing became an important "textural element" in the work as a whole.

"My collaboration with Jeff was one of the best I've experienced," Mrs Boughen said.

"We didn't get caught up in the specifics of each take of film, but looked for the broad aesthetic of what the dance needed. Jeff understood that immediately and was so easy to work with."

Mr Bethea's experiences working with pre-professional dancers helped him with the creative process, calling it an "enriching experience... opening me up to a whole new world of ideas".

"I love learning all the time and with software now the possibilities are infinite... I like the amalgamation of different multimedia," he said.

He acknowledged the help of QUT Dance students Hayler Kerr, Khadi Wolfbrooke and Amelia Skin for the involvement with the creation of the video.

Studying at QUT and working at its professional-quality Gasworks Studio helped him build networks and become aware of other creative mediums, such as animation and web design.

Having lived in Brisbane since February, the international student said he has enjoyed his QUT experience, and felt he had made the right decision in choosing the university.

"Kelvin Grove campus technologically has more to offer, such as hardware and software for production, and the staff have a great knowledge of the software," he said.

QUT Dance celebrates 35 years of dance education in 2013 with Dance 13, showcasing final-year students in their graduating performances at the QUT Gardens Theatre from 5-9 November.

For more information and to book tickets visit the QUT Gardens Theatre website.

05 November 2013 - 09 November 2013
QUT Gardens Theatre
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QUT sound design student Jeffrey Bethea outside QUT Gardens Theatre.


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