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05 February 2018

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Dr Kateryna Bazaka

Gas plasma enhances plants’ natural antibiotics: QUT researchers may have found a possible alternative way to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause common infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

QUT ‘octopied’ by Sand Safari creature: QUT’s Gardens Point campus was ‘octopied’ by colossal tentacles as a preview of the inflatable art installations that will form part of the Sand Safari Arts Festival in Surfers Paradise from February 9 to 25.

Ethan the Octopus with inflatablist Luke Egan and QUT Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Suzi Derbyshire.

Students choose QUT for real world launch pad: Close to 25 per cent of all QTAC applicants in 2018 are for QUT and this has seen the university make around 12,900 QTAC offers for places at its Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses.

The Cabinet Files fallout: QUT’s Professor Matthew Rimmer says the Australian Government’s Cabinet Files disaster raises questions over its ability to protect the public’s data and the need for greater legal protection for freedom of speech and freedom on the press.


Super blue blood moon a rarity: QUT Visiting Fellow and astrophysicist Dr Stephen Hughes investigated the frequency of super blue blood moons visible from Brisbane and discovered there had been only nine such cosmic events in the past 4000 years, and after January 31 the next one was not expected for more than 400 years.



ABC Online’s coverage of Heather Clarke’s convict dancing research prompted an overnight eight-fold increase in Youtube views of our accompanying video. Meanwhile, a giant octopus on the Business School rooftop caused a stir on social media.

Ethan the Octopus checks out the Brisbane River from the heights of QUT.

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Feb 12-18: O Week (free) @ QUT
Feb 15: QUT Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Urban Energy-Hub: An approach for higher integration of renewable generation in urban energy systems (free) @Gardens Point
Feb 19: QUT Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Using novel crystal structures, magnetism and nanotechnology for thermoelectrics and thermal management (free) @Gardens Point
Feb 20:  Coffee with a Cop @Gardens Point
March 21: QUT Business Leaders' Forum - Christine Holgate @Hilton Brisbane
March 20-22: Science and Engineering Challenge 2018 World Science Festival @South Bank
Now-Dec: STEM for Schools: What’s on in 2018 @QUT


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