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21 December 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then QUT Media has produced at least a few novels this year. We’ve collected our favourite 2016 photos from the QUT Media library. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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They’re life sized. They’re smart. And they can see you. What they do next is up to them! Sean Druitt and the Cube Studio team built Dino Zoo, a world first in combining large-scale interaction and the latest scientific understanding about dinosaurs. Photo by staff photographer Erika Fish. 

Dino Zoo - Jurassic genius!



Orthopaedic surgeon and QUT Professor Ross Crawford showed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull how to perform a revolutionary robotic hip and knee replacement. Staff photographer Anthony Weate snapped this photo at Brisbane's Holy Spirit Northside Hospital.

Turnbull Crawford at MAKO launch



Dr Caroline Heim is studying the intoxicating atmosphere that exists between the stage and audience members. Staff photographer Anthony Weate put her on stage for this photo and Dr Heim picked the perfect dress to jazz it up.

Dr Caroline Heim



Brett Lewis and Dr Luke Nothdurft captured what no one has captured before – the behaviour of a mushroom coral as it’s bleaching. The pulsed ‘belching’ was a surprising find. Brett’s other macro films as even more strange and beautiful.

Brett Lewis coral bleaching



It’s CSI, Silent Witness and Bones rolled into one university course. Forensic anthropologist Donna MacGregor’s Forensic Anatomy course is a winner with students who like getting out of the lab. Photo by staff photographer Erika Fish.

Forensic science with Donna MacGregor



From slimy curds to stunning clothing: Dean Brough and Dr Alice Payne’s research into transforming kombucha into fabric drew the attention of national and international media. Photo by staff photographer Anthony Weate.

CreateX - kombucha



Crown-of-thorns starfish? Drs Matthew Dunbabin and Feras Dayoub nailed it with COTSbot, which they proved this year can autonomously detect and inject the deadly pest. This photo was taken by award-winning underwater cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick.

Crown-of-thorns starfish - nailed it!



When it comes to room-sized augmented reality, there’s nothing out there that compares with Dr Deb Polson’s Museum of Colliding Dimensions, created for our CreateX festival. The museum incorporates a unique combination of projection mapping, VR, industrial laser scanning, multi-touch and dynamic light and sound technologies. Photo by staff photographer Sonja de Sterke.

CreateX_Museum of Colliding Dimensions



Internationally renowned singer/songwriter/entrepreneur Kate Miller-Heidke was named QUT’s Alumnus of the Year, also joining us for our CreateX spectacular.  Photo by staff photographer Sonja de Sterke.

Kate Miller-Heidke 7



Malcolm Burt took us on an extroardinary journey to discover why we love rollercoasters. This striking image was taken from his thesis/documentary Signature Attraction

QUT 'rollercoaster academic' Malcolm Burt enjoying his research



Illustrating research into contraceptive use among senior Australians can be tricky but social marketing masters student Natalie Bowring was a good sport about posing for this colourful photo by staff photographer Erika Fish.

Natalie Bowring



Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen is spearheading a visionary jaguar conservation project that uses statistics, mathematical modelling, virtual technology and knowledge from Indigenous people living in the Amazon to protect the jaguar’s habitat. This stunning image of Professor Mengersen in Peru was snapped by accompanying photographer Vanessa Hunter.

Kerrie Mengersen jaguars 7



Our paramedic students receive first-hand experience with assistance dogs as part of their training. Student Sheri-Leigh Burrows joined Roxy for this fantastic photo to highlight the real-world connections in our courses. Photo by staff photographer Anthony Weate.

Assistance Dogs



Professor Zoran Ristovski led a world-first, international mission to the Great Barrier Reef to discover if coral creates rain. Staff photographer Tim Passmore joined the historic trip on the RV Investigator.

Is coral a rainmaker? QUT mission investigates



If we had our way, every photo from our Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition would be in our list of top QUT images for 2016. It was excruciatingly difficult to choose one.  Photo by staff photographer Anthony Weate.

Miss Fisher



Our team of UAV specialists in the Institute for Future Environments have supported a wide range of research projects in 2016, often working long hours. Staff photographer Anthony Weate took this photo as the UAV was counting koalas on the Gold Coast.   

Cutting-edge tool for Council koala conservation



Finishing the year on a high note, staff photographer Anthony Weate captured the excitement around The Cube’s Physics Observatory 2016 Christmas holiday program which shows kids how they can have fun with everyday physics like paper planes and hula-hoops. Join in Jan 6-15 – it’s free (and air conditioned).

Physics Observatory summer holiday program


2016 in pictures - from the QUT Media library

2016 in pictures - from the QUT Media library


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