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25 November 2016

QUT Bachelor of Creative Industries (BCI) students collaborated with property group Lendlease to support the regeneration of Brisbane's iconic Showgrounds.

The BCI 'Making Connections' students researched, planned and created innovative projects involving a new space in the King Street Precinct at Bowen Hills.

With a specific brief from the Lendlease Public Realm and Marketing and Place Urban Regeneration Departments, student teams were given a budget of $3000 to pitch projects to enhance this renewed precinct.

Lendlease’s Marketing and Place Executive Hannah Williams said the transformative project aimed to "capture the hearts and minds of the community".

"At the Brisbane Showgrounds we are place-making from the grass roots. King Street is our front door, the retail spine and beating heart for this vibrant new inner-city neighbourhood,” Ms Williams said.

Students embraced this authentic project as a component of their assessment. They competed to become one of the six teams to present to the Lendlease and Brisbane Showground panel.

Six teams were chosen after an internal selection process. With only two days to prepare, each team was supported by tutors to fine-tune their presentations for the Lendlease head office boardroom panel.  

Ms Williams said she was impressed by the talent and professionalism of the students, and had difficulty selecting a winner. 

“It was certainly difficult to judge a winning group – so much so that we have chosen two,” she said.

This positive and specific feedback written for each team gives the participating students real world case studies to add to their portfolios.

The collaboration with a national company helped to increase their understanding of the impact creative industries’ projects have in the community.

“We were guided really well throughout the project,” BCI student Joel McGrath said.

“And in addition to that we got ‘real world’ skills and doing project management as a group,” BCI student Monique Grigg said. 

If you happen to pass the Brisbane Showgrounds in 2017 and see the erection of a giant strawberry sundae or hear the dulcet tones of a piano, spare a thought for the BCIfirst years who supported the regeneration of an iconic space. 

QUT Bachelor of Creative Industries Students with the Lendlease property group.


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