Switched Media

Belinda Kinnane, Susanna Mcclintock, Lauren Smith, Harrison Tabulo and Lewis Wells worked throughout the year to develop a YouTube channel called Switched Media.

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Episode 1 l All things Mulan & Disney+

Welcome to the very first episode of Switched! This week we discuss all things Mulan and Disney + and the interesting controversies surrounding the block buster and its upcoming release to the streaming platform.

Episode 2 l News Media

After the Australian Government’s complaint towards Facebook and Google’s stranglehold on media revenue, Lewis and Susanna touch on the value of independent news; leading into a broader discussion of streaming platforms’ monetary systems and content creators’ role within mainstream media.

Episode 3 l LGBTQIA+ and more

This week on Switched, "it's theatre, baby!" Susanna and Lewis sit down with emerging Brisbane playwright Sarah Wilson to discuss the theatre industry, her process for writing and the broader issues of women and LGBTQIA+ representation in media.

Episode 4 l Disability Representation

This week the dynamic duo becomes an intrepid trio as Switched Media sits down with Living With Challenges’ William Kroger. Will talks on his passion as a DJ, positive disability representation in entertainment and sheds much needed light on disability accessibility issues in the nightlife and festivals scene.

Episode 5 l Branded Content & Representation

Beaming from the UK, Tomisin provides her professional insights with Switched Media; discussing a flow of topics like, creation of branded content, representation on and off screen, and the authentic portrayals of minorities in entertainment.

Living With Challenges

Graduating Entertainment Industries students William Kroger, Jade Gissing, Milla Truscott and Rebecca Micallef developed the Living With Challenges conference; a series of online discussions exploring disability issues within the entertainment industries.

Episode 1 | Nightlife

Will and Bec speak with four industry professionals about some of the issues that people living with a disability may face on a night out.

Episode 2 | Festival

Will and Milla speak with five industry professionals about some of the issues that people living with a disability may face in the festival scene and how they can be overcome them in this informative discussion.

Episode 3 | Politics

Nikolay Nikolov, Gerard Wilkie and Australian Greens senator Jordon Steele-John, participate in a discussion about what it's like living with challenges and how we can better the experiences of those living with disabilities in the entertainment industry and more broadly.

Episode 4 | Conference

A wide-ranging discussion about disabilities within the entertainment industries.