Partnering with Health Consumers: Conceptualizing and Measuring Health Engagement

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Vacation research experience scheme


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Dr Lisa Tam
Division / Faculty
QUT Business School

External supervisors

  • Dr Kara Burns, Hacking Health Queensland


In Australia healthcare facilities are required to ‘partner with consumers’ to improve service experiences. To meet this accreditation requirement, a new type of healthcare management professional, referred to as an engagement advisor, is emerging alongside existing patient advocates. As boundary spanners between healthcare facilities and consumers, the capabilities of health engagement professionals and their understanding of health engagement are critical to the success of consumer partnering.

Commensurate with current healthcare engagement research, this study will gather data from consumers, healthcare staff and managers who co-create in a multi-stakeholder network (Burns, 2017). It will extend existing conceptualizations and measurement of health engagement as a construct to reflect the partnerships between health care facilities and health consumers. Three steps will be undertaken: (a) content analysis of job descriptions for health engagement-related openings, (b) interviews with health engagement professionals and health service managers, and (c) survey with health consumers (to explore their understanding of health engagement and its impact on health-related behaviors, such as enrolment in electronic health records).


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