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We can work with you to develop research-informed solutions. Our research strengths deliver outcomes across a range of disciplines including accounting, governance and non-profits, business innovation, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, employment and labour markets, behavioural economics, social marketing and econometrics.

We successfully partner with organisations in the private, public and community sectors to:

  • leverage grant funding to address issues of national importance
  • scale commercial opportunities for investment and new markets
  • drive innovation and organisational change
  • develop digital communication strategies
  • undertake surveys and provide access to data collected by research degree candidates
  • contribute to projects of mutual interest.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement

Working with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, we have facilitated a number of grounded research experiences for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. This partnership enriches the student experience, and has developed tangible outcomes for the agency.

We strongly encourage partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and communities to build representation and develop longstanding relationships.


Our research areas hold a wealth of experience in delivering quality research solutions that make a difference. Our experts harness cross-disciplinary approaches and innovative technology to influence and benefit society, culture, our environment and the economy.

School of Accountancy

Research strengths

  • Accounting, governance and taxation
  • Philanthropy, fundraising and social enterprise
Accountancy research

School of Advertising Marketing and Public Relations

Research strengths

  • Social marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Stakeholder engagement
Advertising, marketing and public relations research

School of Economics and Finance

Research strengths

  • Econometrics and behavioural economics
  • Financial markets and financial risk
Economics and finance research

School of Management

Research strengths

  • Business innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Work, employment and organisational behaviour
Management research

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