Research partnerships

When you partner with our researchers, you partner with a business school that creates innovative solutions, holds a great depth of expertise and an excellence in research international reputation.

In collaboration with partners in the US and across Australia, we're developing a new test to more accurately detect systemic risk in financial markets.

Ways to partner with us

We can work with you and your organisation to develop research outcomes:

  • one-off projects conducted over short or extended periods
  • longer-term collaborations to undertake regular research, such as annual or biannual surveys
  • leveraging your funds to secure a range of grants to undertake extensive research on industry issues of national importance that benefit your organisation
  • accessing data collected by research degree candidates at masters or PhD level
  • contributing to a current research project of mutual interest.

Research centres

Our research centres provide research-guided solutions to real-world problems. By harnessing transdisciplinary skills and approaches, the latest technological capabilities and consultation with industry professionals, our researchers are able to deliver truly innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

National and international leader in entrepreneurship research and knowledge.

Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

Providing insights and solutions to current philanthropy, nonprofit and social enterprise challenges.

Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology

Evidence-based behavioural research that transforms society and the economy.

Centre for Digital Economy

Shaping the digital world through research and bridging the gap between academic, business and government in the digital economy.

Centre for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Business Innovation

Exploring the challenges within the mining equipment, technology and services sector.

Research areas

Each of our research areas come supported with a wealth of research excellence and experience to provide business success solutions.

Accountability, regulation and governance

Our research covers contemporary issues that face business professionals, accountants and financial managers in today's rapidly changing organisations

School of Accountancy

Consumers, markets and stakeholders

What drives consumer behaviour? Our research addresses how people respond to marketing stimuli and provide insights on markets, services and social responsibility.

School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Economics and finance

Our research considers both micro and macro perspectives, and utilises a range of theories and a strong economic and finance methodological approach.

School of Economics and Finance

Entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy

We develop entrepreneurship and innovation management solutions by focusing on understanding the individual and organisational capabilities required in the digital age.

School of Management

Nonprofit, philanthropy and social enterprise

We research the challenges the nonprofit, philanthropy and social enterprise sectors face including fundraising, governance and volunteering.

School of Accountancy

Organisation and work

New technologies and globalisation present significant challenges for organisational structure and employment. Our research focuses on better understanding these realities.

School of Management
QUT Business School professor Marek Kowalkiewicz is the PwC Chair in Digital Economy. Our collaboration with PwC helps traditional businesses in Queensland adapt to digital changes and compete with global emerging industries.

Schemes to support industry

We participate in schemes that leverage government support for research activities undertaken by industry partners. These schemes include:

  • the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive
  • Entrepreneurs' Programme
  • Innovation Connections grants
  • Industry Growth Centres
  • Cooperative Research Centres
  • Linkage Projects
  • PhD Internship programs.

Contact us

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