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Research areas

Our research covers contemporary issues that face business professionals, accountants and financial managers in today's rapidly changing organisations, in both private and nonprofit sectors.

How are organisations governed and regulated? What determines their performance, reporting and governance arrangements? What are the technological and compliance risks facing modern organisations? How do we build capacity for the future through superannuation and wealth management?

This is one of the key areas of research for our School of Accountancy.

School of Accountancy

What drives the behaviour of consumers and stakeholders? We bring together marketing and communication experts, business managers and psychology professionals to understand how consumers and stakeholders respond to market stimuli. We provide new insight for dynamic markets, services and social responsibility.

Our research impacts key social and cultural issues. We help industry innovate and adapt for the challenges of the modern consumer and disruptive technology.

Research within this area is conducted in a number of schools, including The School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Our economic research considers both micro and macro economic perspectives. This research area is based on individual and group behaviour, applied game theory, and the theory of incentives. Our finance research spans from corporate finance to banking and investment issues.

A strong methodological focus on econometrics underpins much of the finance research, including the development of new methodologies, estimating quantitative models of economic and financial behaviour, assessing the effects of public policy and projecting the effects of alternative policy proposals.

The School of Economics and Finance focuses research on this area.

School of Economics and Finance

We develop entrepreneurship and innovation management knowledge for business development and growth. Our research spans new venture development, firm growth, entrepreneurial processes, corporate strategies, innovation management and policy, technology management and digital innovation.

We focus on understanding the individual and organisational capabilities and management processes required to be innovative, productive and competitive in the digital age.

This research area is researched within a number of schools, including the School of Management.

School of Management

The research in this area is at the cutting edge of problems that face the disciplines of non-profit, philanthropy and social enterprise on a daily basis – from regulation to fundraising, from impact evaluation to governance, from corporate partnerships to volunteering.

By providing ongoing, robust, relevant research, we are supporting the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors in their mission to support society.

This is another key research area for the School of Accountancy.

School of Accountancy

We aim to advance understanding of impact of the new realities of work on individuals, groups, organisations, industry and society. New technologies, automation, globalisation and changing expectations of work present significant challenges for work, organisation and employment in the future. Our research addresses these challenges, drawing on human resource management, organisational studies, organisational psychology, sociology and industrial relations disciplines.

The School of Management is one of the schools who focuses on this research area.

School of Management

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Research centres

Centre for Future Enterprise

Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) leads global research to progress economic and social well-being now and into the future. The Centre envisions and testing future enterprises for tomorrow's real world.

Centre for Future Enterprise research

Research groups

Accounting for Social Change

Creates solutions to reporting, disclosure and transparency practices for stakeholders.

Auditing and Financial Reporting Group

Develops new insights into auditing and financial reporting across institutional and regulatory settings

People and Performance Research Group

Organisational psychology and human resource management for wellbeing, cultural change and workforce planning.

Service Thinking for Social Problems

Addresses the field of services marketing and social marketing to address social problems.

Stakeholder Engagement Research Group

Seeks to influence the processes and outcomes of stakeholder engagement.

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