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7 September, 2017

Emotional intelligence in business

Emotional intelligence has been associated with improved job performance, efficient work teams and superior work outcomes. We talk to Associate Professor Peter O'Connor on cultivating emotional intelligence in business.

Leadership and management Organisational behaviour

6 September, 2017

Lance Hockridge - Former Managing Director and CEO, Aurizon

Lance addressed our Business Leaders' Forum on Tuesday 5 September, 2017.

Leadership and management

26 July, 2017

What investors look for in early-stage startups

Investment manager Stewart Glynn shares some advice for early-stage startups seeking funding.


28 June, 2017

Learning from the London locals

Professor Rowena Barrett shares insights from StartUp Catalyst Mission and why entrepreneurial ecosystems are relevant to universities like QUT.

Entrepreneurship Innovation and technology

22 June, 2017

Powerful supermarkets push the cost of food waste onto suppliers, charities

The high cost of cosmetic standards in the food industry.

Environment and energy Marketing

10 May, 2017

Innovation through evolution: the hummingbird effect

Innovation can't always be planned and accidents happen that lead us down entirely different pathways. The hummingbird effect demonstrates that an event in one field can trigger completely unexpected outcomes in wholly different domains.

Innovation and technology