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14 December, 2020

Sophisticated career development: What will an MBA do for my career?

Your career is in good shape, but you’re ready to change things up. We understand that to develop as a leader, you’ll want a wide range of career shaping experiences.

MBA Leadership and management

7 December, 2020

Value of upcycling: using upcycled products to develop a sustainable brand message

Sustainability is a value a brands now want to align themselves with. But how do you deliver on that brand value with your product range. Hear fashion upcycling success stories and strategies to communicate your sustainable message.

Marketing Entrepreneurship

4 December, 2020

How generous is your profession (CEO & managing directors)?

Do you perceive Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Managing Directors (MDs) as stingy or generous? Philanthropy researchers assess the data of CEOs and managing directors and whether they are generous or not.

Nonprofit and philanthropy

1 December, 2020

Feeling pressured to buy Christmas presents? Read this (and think twice before buying candles)

Novelty items, candles, pamper products and pyjamas top the list of unwanted Christmas gifts. So why not choose a better, greener option?


26 November, 2020

Starting a business in a 'new' country in the middle of a pandemic

Hear from Bachelor of Business (Marketing) alumnus, Aaron Stubbings who went from being Vice President of Marketing at Flight Centre Canada to Co-Founder & Director of his own marketing agency in Australia, during a global pandemic.


4 November, 2020

3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video are shared online daily. Can you sort real from fake?

In an age of democracy via social media, platforms are struggling to combat visual mis/disinformation such as 'spliced' images and deepfakes. Digital media literacy has never been so important.