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28 May, 2020

Making decisions as an entrepreneur – the role of entrepreneurial risk management

Successful entrepreneurs master risk management in their decision making. By seeking non-traditional solutions, entrepreneurs develop their abilities and mindset to make calculated decisions.

Entrepreneurship Strategy

14 May, 2020

Not all doom and gloom: even in a pandemic, mixed emotions are more common than negative ones

Things may seem all doom and gloom. New data reveals it’s surprisingly rare for a person to experience purely negative emotions. More commonly, people are instead experiencing mixed emotions, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organisational behaviour Leadership and management

7 May, 2020

Parallels of extreme adventure and isolation

Hear from QUT’s Entrepreneur-in-residence and extreme adventurer, Eleanor Carey on the mindset life cycle of physical isolation and then life returning back to normal.


6 April, 2020

Doom and gloom for Australian businesses, but maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit may be the silver lining

The entrepreneurial spirit of Australians can be the antidote against the economic downturn anticipated in the aftermath of Covid-19, says Martin Obschonka and other researchers.


27 March, 2020

Trust deficit disorder: Do we trust the news media in Australia?

How much do Australians trust the news media? The Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology and the News and Media Research Centre investigate.

Leadership and management

19 March, 2020

How a time of panic buying could yet bring us together

Panic buying and other behaviours in times of crisis may bring people together, say Gary Mortimer, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at QUT, and Jana Bowden, Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Macquarie University.

Nonprofit and philanthropy