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25 October, 2018

Supermarkets are not milking dairy farmers dry: the myth that obscures the real problem

The widely held belief that supermarkets are hurting dairy farmers by driving down the price of milk is incorrect.

Politics Marketing

10 October, 2018

Growers are in a jam now, but strawberry sabotage may well end up helping the industry

History shows the targets of product tampering bounce back, often with sales stronger than before.


24 September, 2018

Taking five with Greg Quinn

Ahead of our QUT Business Leaders' Forum, we take five with Greg Quinn.

Leadership and management

11 September, 2018

Can accounting help solve the political problems of energy and climate change?

Drawing on the recent Finkel Review, Dr Annette Quayle explores how accounting offers techniques for reducing political complexity around climate change.

Environment and energy Accounting

30 August, 2018

Why BP is getting into bed with David Jones. The promising marriage of petrol and gourmet food

David Jones and BP are joining forces to 'create all-new centres of convenience' appears to mean servos are getting back into service.

Marketing Strategy