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Topic: Organisational behaviour

14 May, 2020

Not all doom and gloom: even in a pandemic, mixed emotions are more common than negative ones

Things may seem all doom and gloom. New data reveals it’s surprisingly rare for a person to experience purely negative emotions. More commonly, people are instead experiencing mixed emotions, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organisational behaviour Leadership and management

25 October, 2019

Why good people do bad things

When faced with challenging personal, situational and contextual influences, our ability to think rationally, or even to recognise an ethical dilemma in the first place, is significantly diminished.

Organisational behaviour

4 September, 2019

The working parent prototype

Small businesses can forge the path to ease the career/parent dichotomy.

Organisational behaviour

29 August, 2019

Wellness in the workplace

General Manager Culture and People at RedEye and QUT Business School alum, Louise Sharman, shares how this Brisbane startup is making workplace wellbeing a priority.

Organisational behaviour

9 April, 2019

Why we need to foster immigrant entrepreneurship communities

Approximately one in four Australian are migrants. Immigrants are much more likely to engage in entrepreneurship out of either necessity or opportunity.

Entrepreneurship Organisational behaviour

18 April, 2018

Playing nice at work could cost you success

Individuals high in traits like narcissism, actively seek out prestige, target high level jobs and make their accomplishments known to those around them.

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