Topic: Marketing

30 September, 2020

Climate explained: are consumers willing to pay more for climate-friendly products?

Our intention to buy climate-friendly products does not always match our buying behaviour, especially when we pay more for such products.

Marketing Environment and energy

25 September, 2020

What about the humans?

When you take our people out of the grocery store customer journey, what impacts does it have on customer?

Marketing Innovation and technology

15 June, 2020

Watch yourself: the self-surveillance strategy to keep supermarket shoppers honest

To curb opportunistic shoplifting, supermarkets want you to know you are being watched. But they're also hoping for self-reflection.


5 June, 2020

Brands backing Black Lives Matter: it might be a marketing ploy, but it also shows leadership

Corporate support for the protests against institutional racism in the US signals the rise of 'political corporate social responsibility'.


29 May, 2020

Don’t blame COVID-19: Target’s decline is part of a deeper trend

Target's fall from grace involves poor market positioning, confusing strategies, and a declining middle class consumer market.


20 September, 2019

Is the best customer experience always the right customer experience?

Jennifer Arnold explains why you should align customer experience with customer expectations.


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