Topic: Environment and energy

30 September, 2020

Climate explained: are consumers willing to pay more for climate-friendly products?

Our intention to buy climate-friendly products does not always match our buying behaviour, especially when we pay more for such products.

Marketing Environment and energy

29 June, 2020

Closing the loop for system change

Seljak co-founders and QUT Business School alumni, Karina Seljak and Samantha Seljak share their insights and experience in closing the textile waste loop.

Environment and energy Innovation and technology

7 February, 2020

From business class to green class: sustainable travel for business

How corporate and business travellers can travel in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Environment and energy

4 October, 2019

Brisbane's new runway: Environmental sustainability in practice

With increasing consumer awareness around environmental issues, embracing sustainable practices can have significant benefits for business.

Environment and energy

11 September, 2018

Can accounting help solve the political problems of energy and climate change?

Drawing on the recent Finkel Review, Dr Annette Quayle explores how accounting offers techniques for reducing political complexity around climate change.

Environment and energy Accounting

22 June, 2017

Powerful supermarkets push the cost of food waste onto suppliers, charities

The high cost of cosmetic standards in the food industry.

Environment and energy Marketing

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