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We focus on building excellence and aspire to become one of the leading Economics and Finance departments within business schools.

Our focus

Our research strength lies within these specialised areas:

  • Behavioural Economics
  • Environmental Economics and Public Policy
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Corporate Finance.
Our economics and finance experts

Our groups and centres

National Centre for Econometric Research

The National Centre for Econometric Research (NCER) is a research organisation dedicated to enhancing econometric research and to disseminating the outcomes to policymakers, business professionals, and the academic community.

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Queensland Behavioural Economics Group

Integrating economics, psychology and neuroscience, The Queensland Behavioural Economics Group (QuBE) is exploring the interplay of emotions and rational thoughts that drive behaviour and decision-making.

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Resource and Development Economics for Public Policy Group

This group utilises a range of economic techniques to provide policy insights into issues including non-market benefits of marine habitats, development decisions to align with sector sustainability, and changes to infrastructure needs.

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