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Our academic staff specialise in a wide range of key research areas, and are innovators in their fields. Contact us for more information on partnership opportunities.


Dr Lisa Schuster
Social advertising; transformative services; community wellbeing
Dr Hyun Seung Jin
Advertising; integrated marketing communication (IMC)
Dr Louise Kelly
Media consumption; advertising avoidence; online privacy
Professor Gayle Kerr
Consumer empowerment; online brand communities; social network sites
Dr Nicolas Pontes
Price framing; pricing tactics

International business

Dr Charmaine Glavas
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) internationalisation; international entrepreneurship
Dr Alvin Tan
Export commencement among SME; internationalisation
Associate Professor Rumintha Wickramasekera
Internationalisation process of SME firms


Dr Amanda Beatson
Optimising customer value; self-service technology; employee motivation
Dr Max Briggs
Sustainability; economic efficiency; societal welfare
Dr Paula Dootson
Retail; self service technologies; shopper behaviour
Professor Judy Drennan
Social marketing; mobile marketing
Dr Dominique Greer
Deviant consumer behaviour; experimental design; data analysis
Dr Udo Gottlieb
Service delivery; trade show industry; virtual trade shows
Dr Kerri-Ann Kuhn
Marketing communications; interactive technologies; gaming
Dr Kate Letheren
Anthroporphism; anthropomorphic tendency; spokes-characters
Professor and Head of School Ian Lings
Internal market orientation; employee and employer behaviour; service delivery
Dr Edwina Luck
Consumer behaviour; IMC; social networks; not for profit
Professor Brett Martin
Consumer behaviour; retailing; advertising; tourism
Dr Shane Mathews
Consumer purchase decisions; marketing strategy
Dr Gary Mortimer
Retailing; shopper profiling; shopper behaviour; food retailing
Professor Larry Neale
Small business retailing; ethical decision making; market research
Associate Professor Steven Pike
Tourism; destination marketing
Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett
Social marketing; services marketing; technology
Sven Tuzovic
Services marketing; digital marketing; technology; social networks
Ingrid Wang
Chinese language studies
Dr Clinton Weeks
Consumer psychology; field experiments

Public relations

Associate Professor Jennifer Bartlett
Corporate communications; organisational-social relationships
Dr Bree Devin
Corporate social responsibility; organisational communication
Dr Kim Johnston
Engagement; social impact; strategic and internal communication
Dr Anne Lane
Stakeholder engagement
Ingrid Larkin
Media relations; public relations; corporate communications
Dr Amisha Mehta
Risk and crisis management; organisational change.


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