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Research areas

We proudly host the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, bringing benefits to the community through cutting-edge research.

We focus our research around two areas of research:

Accountability, regulation and governance

Our research covers contemporary issues that face business professionals, accountants and financial managers in today's rapidly changing organisations, in both private and nonprofit sectors.

How are organisations governed? What determines their performance and governance arrangements? What are the risk factors facing modern organisations? And how do we build capacity for the future through superannuation and wealth management?

Our research programs and groups are:

  • Accounting for social and environmental sustainability
  • Accounting for social change
  • Accounting information systems research
  • Auditing and financial reporting
  • Corporate governance and behavioural governance
  • Forensic accounting
  • Not-for-profit accounting and accountability research group
  • Regulation and taxation
  • Superannuation and wealth management

Nonprofit and social enterprise research

The research in this area is at the cutting edge of the problems that face society today. How do organisations address sustainability, not only for themselves, but also for society?

Our research programs are:

  • Philanthropy and fundraising
  • Social enterprise

Applied research projects

Strategic alliances with leading business, industry and government groups ensure that our staff and research students are actively involved in applied research. We have numerous ongoing projects in our research department.

Contact us if your organisation is interested in collaborating on a project through a research partnership.

Women in corporate governance
Female directors make up only 18% of Australia's top company boards, and 10% of external auditors. What are the incentives to recruit women on boards? Do women perform differently to men? What are the economic effects of gender diversity? Professor Ellie Chapple and her research collaborators are investigating.
Multinationals and aggressive tax planning
Under the current international tax system, multinationals can avoid tax on profits made from activities in developing nations. Professor Kerrie Sadiq is working with the International Centre for Tax and Development on an alternative tax regime to address this problem.
Boardroom observations
Our Behavioural Governance Group is one of the world's first to observe what really happens behind boardroom doors. Using video, sensors and self-evaluation tools, this research is helping to improve the effectiveness of Australian management boards.
Reporting the value of volunteers
Volunteers are critical to the sustainability of the mission-focused sector, but organisations aren't required to report on them as they would other strategic resources. Associate Professor Stuart Tooley heads a project to investigate the motivations behind the current practices.

Research seminar series

Our research seminar series features prominent national and international business academics, presenting in the areas of accountancy and business law. These seminars are a great tool to develop research, and an opportunity to network with other researchers.

For any enquiries, contact the School of Accountancy Research Seminar Coordinator, Dr Chrisann Lee.

2018 presenters and topics

2 March: Dr Dean Katselas, ANU College of Business Economics, Australian National University
Strategic insider trading around earnings announcements in Australia.
23 March: Professor Steven Cahan, Business School, University of Auckland
Auditing and financial reporting.
20 April: Dr Binh Bui, School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington
Management accounting/Cost of carbon.
4 May: Assistant Professor Nam Tran, Melbourne Business School
Corporate governance/Corporate social responsibility.
3 August: Professor Kim Watty, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University
Accounting education - pedagogy.
17 August: Dr Chris Adrian, Department of Accounting, Monash University
Financial accounting, auditing and corporate governance.
31 August: Professor David Gilchrist, Accounting and Finance, University of Western Australia
Auditing, nonprofit accounting, governance and regulation.
14 September: Associate Professor Paul Andon, University of New South Wales
Contemporary management accounting practices.
5 October: Professor Phil Hancock, University of Western Australia
Accounting education.

2017 presenters and topics

Associate Professor Lisa Marriott, Victoria University, New Zealand
Governing the poor: Evidence from New Zealand's Tax and Welfare Systems
Dr Dianne McGrath, Charles Sturt University
University-community engagement: Reflections on a work experience project
Professor Michael Davern, The University of Melbourne
Controlling for risk: From board appetite to individual proclivity
Dr Kevin Liu, University of New South Wales
What drives trustee-director compensation in Australian superannuation funds?
Distinguished Professor Lee Parker, RMIT University and Glasgow University, Scotland
Scientific management and accountability through the efficient office: Visualising theoretical debates
Professor Brendan O'Connell, RMIT University
How does international experience lead to higher levels of cultural intelligence? A qualitative study using accounting academics teaching transnationally
Associate Professor Bryan Howieson, University of Adelaide
Multidimensional diversity in adult teams
Professor David Hay
IPO prospectus forecast errors and mandatory explanations: Evidence from New Zealand
Associate Professor Shireenjit K Johl, Deakin University
Is there a business case for culture and gender diversity on corporate boards?
Dr Sharod Khandaker, Swinburne University of Technology
Corruption and microfinance: A case study of Grameen Bank

2016 presenters and topics

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, Distinguished PwC Chair Digital Economy
Thriving on Digital Economy
Professor Robyn Moroney, Monash University
Regulating audit quality via inspections and checklists: impact on auditor commitment and turnover intentions
Professor Pall Rikhardsson, School of Business, Reykjavik University, Ireland
Internal Controls in Euphoric and Recessive Economic Environments: A Longitudinal Study
Professor Markus Milne, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
An Enigma Set to Remain a Fizzer? On the Absence of Social and Environmental Reporting in New Zealand
Dr Lyn Daff, University of Southern Queensland
Accountants’ views of their intra-organisational communication challenges and strategies: a not-for-profit sector perspective
Associate Professor Maria Dyball, University of Sydney
The impact of the financial and tax audit regimes on audit characteristics, audit-client relationships, and audit quality and efficiency
Associate Professor Johannes Dumay, Macquarie University
Involuntary disclosure of intellectual capital: Is it relevant?
Dr Gladys Lee, University of Melbourne
Whistleblowing, Audit Fees, and Internal Control Deficiencies
Dr Abdul Wahab, Curtin University
Directors network and accruals quality in Malaysia

Visiting academics

Upcoming 2018 visitors

Professor Ferdinand Gul Deakin University
Dr Gabriel Pereira Pundrich Bocconi University, Italy
Professor Steven Cahan University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Gayathri Gunatilake Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
Professor William Q. Judge, E.V. Williams Chair of Strategic Leadership Strome College of Business, USA
Professor Niamh Brennan University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Lily Chen University of Auckland, New Zealand
Associate Professor Sergeja Slapnicar University of Llubljana, Slovenia

2017 visitors

Professor David Lont, Otago University, New Zealand 30 January to 7 February
Dr Simon Tan, Kings College, United Kingdom 1-15 March
Professor Craig Deegan, RMIT University 1-6 May
Dr Jodie Moll, Manchester University, United Kingdom 31 March to 14 April
Professor Adrian Sawyer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand 4-7 July
Professor Rick Krever, University of Western Australia 6-19 August
Assistant Professor Iman Harymawan, City University, Hong Kong 12-31 August
Dr Dean Katselas, Australian National University 21 August to 1 September
Professor David Hay, University of Auckland, New Zealand 4-15 September
Professor Blanaid Clarke, Trinity College Dublin/McCann Fitzgerald Chair in Corporate Law, Ireland 6-11 November
Associate Professor Cindy Durtschi, Driehaus College of Business, De Paul University, USA 1-15 October
Associate Professor Millicent Chang, University of Western Australia 29-31 October
Associate Professor James Routledge, Hitotsubashi University, Japan 30 October to 4 November
Professor Dorota Dobija, Kozminski University, Poland 11-15 December
2017 Executive in Residence: Bernard Curran, BDO Partner


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