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Research areas

We focus our research around two areas of research:

We proudly host the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, bringing benefits to the community through cutting-edge research.

Applied research projects

Strategic alliances with leading business, industry and government groups ensure that our staff and research students are actively involved in applied research. We have numerous ongoing projects in our research department.

Contact us if your organisation is interested in collaborating on a project through a research partnership.

Women in corporate governance
Female directors make up only 18% of Australia's top company boards, and 10% of external auditors. What are the incentives to recruit women on boards? Do women perform differently to men? What are the economic effects of gender diversity? Professor Ellie Chapple and her research collaborators are investigating.
Multinationals and aggressive tax planning
Under the current international tax system, multinationals can avoid tax on profits made from activities in developing nations. Professor Kerrie Sadiq is working with the International Centre for Tax and Development on an alternative tax regime to address this problem.
Boardroom observations
Our Behavioural Governance Group is one of the world's first to observe what really happens behind boardroom doors. Using video, sensors and self-evaluation tools, this research is helping to improve the effectiveness of Australian management boards.
Reporting the value of volunteers
Volunteers are critical to the sustainability of the mission-focused sector, but organisations aren't required to report on them as they would other strategic resources. Associate Professor Stuart Tooley heads a project to investigate the motivations behind the current practices.

Research seminar series

Our research seminar series features prominent national and international business academics, presenting in the areas of accountancy and business law. These seminars are a great tool to develop research, and an opportunity to network with other researchers.

Contact the School of Accountancy for seminar details and bookings.

2015 presenters and topics

Professor Paul Secunda, Marquette Law School, USA
The Behavioral Economic Case for Paternalistic Workplace Pensions
Associate Professor Jane Andrew and Dr Max Baker, University of Sydney Business School
Can Wikileaks be used to improve corporate accountability?
Mr Chris Barnard, JBWere
Value investing and the search for value
Professor Dorothea Greiling, Institute for Management Accounting, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Cui Bono: stakeholder accountability of Austrian NPOs
Dr Syaiful Ali, Universitas Gadjah Madah, Indonesia
Determining factors and consequences of IT investment governance
Dr Philip Sinnadurai, Macquarie University, New South Wales
Ownership structure and real earnings management in distressed firms
Dr Rob Whait, University of South Australia, South Australia
The role of Foucauldian discourse in the adoption of the Australian Taxation Office's compliance model
Dr Phuong Thu Truong, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand
Keeping the market informed: how effective is the market operator's monitoring of listed firms' disclosure decisions?
Associate Professor Kathie Cooper, University of Wollongong, New South Wales
Curriculum development for forensic accounting education
Professor Brendan O'Connell, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Victoria
How culturally intelligent are accounting academics and what might explain differences in this capability amongst them?
Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic, University of Sydney, New South Wales
Introducing a comprehensive model of learning and teaching

2014 presenters and topics

Professor Wm. Dennis Huber, Capella University, Minneapolis, USA
What is the value of multiple certifications in forensic accounting and fraud examination?
Professor Ken McPhail, La Trobe University
Diffusing, dispersing and escaping accountability: the case of Australia's offshore asylum seeker processing policy
Dr Dean Hanlon, Monash University
Compensation committee expertise, CEO influence and cost of equity
Professor Grant Richardson, The University of Adelaide
Audit firm characteristics and transfer pricing audits: evidence from US multinational firms
Associate Professor Sue Wright, Macquarie University
Opportunity provided in IAS 41 for earnings management: Australian evidence
Professor Sue Newberry, University of Sydney Business School
The IASB's agenda entrace decisions: the case of IFRS for SMEs
Professor Sabina Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School and University of Sydney
Diversity of what? Multifacted boards and directors
Dr Sue Taylor, QUT Business School
The potential of regulatory impact assessment to blunt the force of statutory, agency, corrosive and cultural capture in the Australian superannuation industry
Dr Sandip Dhole, University of Melbourne
Effects of XBRL mandate on the value relevance of earnings and earnings management
Professor Gillian North, University of Western Australia
Essential ingredients of effective company disclosure regimes

Visiting academics

2015 visitors

Professor  Den Patten University of Illinois, USA
Dr Syaiful Ali Universitas Gadjah Madah, Indonesia
Professor Wei Jiang University of Jinan, China
Professor Wim Van Grembergen University of Antwerp, Belgium
Dr Encarna Guillamon-Saorin Universitas Carlos III, Spain
Professor Nieves Carrera IE Business School, Spain
Associate Professor Matthew Hall London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Professor Gary Monroe AFAANZ Visiting Professor Program

2014 visitors

Name Organisation
Associate Professor Kentaro Azuma Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Professor Bernd Schwien University of Nordhausen, Germany
Professor Wm. Dennis Huber Capella University, USA
Professor Tim Louwers James Madison University, USA
Professor Mike Jones University of Bristol, UK
Professor Martin Messner University of Innsbruck, Austria
Dr John Nowland City University, Hong Kong
Professor Chris Van Staden University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Mr Scott Hirst Harvard Law School, USA
Professor Adrian Sawyer University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Dr Michael Seamer University of Newcastle, Australia

2013 visitors

Professor Morten HuseBI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Kerry HicksInstitute of Chartered Accountants, Australia
Professor John RobertsUniversity of Sydney, Australia
Dr Clinton FreeUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Professor Paul de LangeRMIT University, Australia
Professor Kamran AhmedLaTrobe University, Australia
Professor Stephen TaylorUniversity of Technology, Australia
Professor Lee ParkerUniversity of South Australia, Australia
Dr Kris HardiesAntwerp University, Belgium
Professor Niamh BrennanUniversity College of Dublin, Ireland
Dr Encarna Guillamon-SaorinUniversity Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Dr Vassili JoannidesGrenoble Ecole de Management, France
Professor Walter Wymer (ACPNS)University of Lethbridge, Canada
Professor Peter GreenUniversity of Queensland, Australia
Dr Evangeline Elijido-TenSwinburne University, Australia
Professor Alessandro ZattoniBucconi University, Italy
Professor Margaret LightbodyUniversity of South Australia, Australia
Dr Lisa TooheyUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Professor Joachim GassenHumboldt University, Germany
Associate Professor Michaela RankinMonash University, Australia
Professor Diana Leat (ACPNS)Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
Dr Michael SeamerUniversity of Newcastle, Australia
Dr Dennis VeltropUniversity of Groningen, The Netherlands

2012 visitors

Dr Daniel OlguinSociometric Solutions, Inc., USA
Roberto Di PietraUniversity of Siena, Italy
Dr Stefano CascinoLondon School of Economics, United Kingdom
Professor Jill HooksMassey University, New Zealand
Professor Stephen WalkerCardiff University, United Kingdom
Professor Chris van StadenUniversity of Canterbury, New Zealand
Dr Sandip DholeIndian Business School, India
Dr Tami Dinh ThiUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Dr David BondUniversity of Technology Sydney, Australia
Ron KluwersSwinburne University, Australia
Professor Patrick GriffinUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
Associate Professor Esther WareUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
Dr Vassili JoannidesGrenoble Ecole de Management, France
Dr Encarna Guillamon-SaorinUniversity Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Dr Sandra van der LaanUniversity of Sydney, Australia
Professor James GuthrieMacquarie University, Australia and University of Bologna, Italy
Professor Joshua RonenStern School of Business New York University, USA
Ronny HofmannUniversity of Western Australia, Australia
Professor Graeme DeanUniversity of Sydney, Australia
Professor Zahirul HoqueLa Trobe University, Australia
Dr Andrew JacksonUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Professor Stephen TaylorUniversity of Technology Sydney, Australia


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