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26 June 2015

Three months after finishing his MBA at QUT, Brandon Miller was offered a newly created job at Wiley as Innovation and Strategy Director.

The position came about after Brandon completed a real consulting project with the company through QUT's Integrated Workplace Project as part of his MBA studies

"I had a pre-existing relationship with the company and I reached out to them to measure their interest in taking a student project on," Brandon said.

"They showed a high level of interest and after several weeks of discussion, we reached an agreement on a project scope," he said.

Brandon said the project allowed him to apply many of the different aspects of his course—including research, strategy, and business modelling— to the real world.

"Tying these elements together in a single project helped bring the whole picture together," he said.

The project did more than solidify his knowledge, with the company creating a role specifically for him in a field where he had little practical experience.

"It was a big gamble—for them and for me—but I like to think we're making a success of it, I am certainly enjoying it," he said.

QUT's Director of Industry Projects Dr Peter Beven said the aim of the unit is to allow students to apply their learning to a specific industry context in a challenging 'live' project.

"The Integrated Workplace Project is a capstone unit to the MBA program and is essentially a targeted consulting or advisory project undertaken by the student with a sponsoring organisation," Dr Beven said.

"The student examines an issue such as a problem or an emergent opportunity within an organisation and formulates a set of recommendations or strategies for the organisation to consider.

"It delivers tangible benefits to both students and sponsors and importantly, allows us to deliver our promise of learn today, apply tomorrow," he said.

A year on, Brandon's role has now expanded well beyond the bounds of his original project.

"The responsibility I have now is far more reaching; I'm responsible for strategy, innovation and more recently, technology, but that still only speaks to parts of what I do and the value I try to add.

"I also apply myself as an internal consultant on many issues across the business and have the luxury of working wherever I can add the most value, that sometimes has me working on projects that stretch my thinking and I really enjoy that."

by Kristen Skinner
QUT Business School

QUT graduate Brandon Miller was offered a role at Wiley as Innovation and Strategy Director just three months after completing his MBA.


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