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02 April 2015

QUT finance graduates Nikki Booth and Emily Kovac are already making their mark on the industry just two years after graduating.

Both Nikki and Emily started working full-time at local finance company My Wealth Solutions after completing their studies at QUT. During their final year of uni, the young graduates were hired part-time to take care of administration and plan writing at the company. This turned out to be the beginning of a rewarding and successful career.

Within a couple of months of hiring Nikki and Emily, the founders of the company, Guy Freeman and Ben Budge, were able to concentrate on growing the business.

"Nikki and Emily were well-prepared coming into their role and have played a central part in growing the company," Ben said.

Where others their age might still be working in entry level positions, their drive and skillset has allowed both women to progress to client planning. Nikki is thrilled to be working in her ideal industry and quickly progressing through her personal and professional goals.

"It's a progressive role where I can build upon my knowledge at every stage to get higher and move forward," she said.

Nikki, who is currently working as a Planning Assistant and moving into an Associate Advisor role in the coming months, majored in Finance at QUT and graduated with distinction. While working full-time at My Wealth Solutions she also received a diploma RG146 and is currently completing a Certificate 4 in mortgage broking.

"My next goal is to get my Certified Financial Planner accreditation so I can specialise in wealth management clients."

Her colleague and fellow graduate is also pleased to be working in the type of career she had her sights set on during her studies. Emily, the Office Manager at My Wealth Solutions, majored in Finance at QUT and graduated with a Bachelor of Business.

"I'm very excited to begin my new paraplanning role at My Wealth Solutions and extend my knowledge in that aspect of the business," she said.

"I will also be working towards completing my RG146 qualification this year, as a major step towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Financial Planner."

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