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11 October 2019

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett has been named as one of The Australian’s Top 40 Researchers.

Recently announced, the list placed her as the top researcher in Australia in the field of marketing for her contribution to social marketing and social change.

Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing techniques and strategies to solve social problems such as alcohol abuse, smoking, recycling, environmental management, waters conservation, increasing blood donation and safety.

As the leading researcher in the field, Professor Russell-Bennett has the most citations in the top 20 marketing journals and been successful in securing over 40 funded projects.

Professor Russell-Bennett has over 25 years’ experience contributing to the marketing discipline, and among many other accolades is the past president of the Australian Association of Social Marketing, Co-Editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, and was recently named Deputy Director of a new research centre (BEST Centre) that combines behavioural economics and social marketing.

Her research with QUT’s BEST Centre takes a customer-centric approach to designing services that may be entirely different to what her clients — usually government departments or not-for-profits — think they want.

With a passion for enacting positive social change, her work in this area has impacted many and shaped the way organisations and government deliver services and has also received a national citation for teaching.

Russell-Bennett and her colleagues were recently awarded best research paper at the 2019 World Social Marketing Conference. The paper looked at which marketing approach — a hug, nudge, smack or shove — was most effective around electricity usage?

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Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett has been named as one of The Australian’s Top 40 Researchers.


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