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13 August 2019

New research finds shoppers love ‘smart retail technology’, however it does depend on their level of innovativeness.

Professor Gary Mortimer, from QUT’s School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations has published the results of the study that examines how shoppers perceive and get value from using smart retail technology in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

A survey of 338 shoppers was undertaken by researchers from QUT, ACU and Nottingham University Business School which revealed that although shoppers saw clear advantages in using smart retail technology and enjoyed the novelty, complexity and risk reduced the shoppers’ perceptions of value.

“While shoppers were willing to use digital payments, or interactive touch screens, if they considered them to be too complex to use or risky, they saw less value in the shopping activity,” Professor Mortimer said.   

He also added that a customer’s level of ‘innovativeness’ moderated these relationships.

“We found that shoppers who consider themselves highly innovative, love tech in stores, however those who didn’t consider themselves to be ‘tech-savvy’ were less inclined to use it.”

For example, self-service technologies (SSTs), radio frequency identification systems (RFIDs), interactive displays, smart mirrors, touch screens, self-check-out functionality (Amazon Go or Woolworths Tap and Go), and informative touchpoints have been adopted to enhance customer engagement and experiences with retail stores.

“Such technology creates value for shoppers by saving them time, making their transactions more efficient, while creating a sense of novelty,” said Professor Mortimer.

The research highlighted a distinct correlation in the relationship between using smart retail technology while shopping and store loyalty.

“We identified that those shoppers who enjoyed using smart retail technology were more likely to choose and remain loyal to a retailer that offered these elements”, said Professor Mortimer.   

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