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18 July 2019

Lucas Whittaker will graduate in two weeks with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) majoring in Marketing. Lucas was selected from a competitive pool of high achieving students to deliver this semester’s student address to fellow graduands.

We asked Lucas to reflect on his journey and share his tips for graduates and first year students. 

What or who did you find most valuable during your studies?

Though coffee was an invaluable component of my studies, the critical role my tutors played really can’t be overstated. Whether they were answering my incessant number of questions, taking time out of their day to talk through assignment issues, or providing much-needed snacks during tutorials – they enabled me to succeed and I’m very grateful for their guidance and support.

What surprised or inspired you during your university journey?

One thing that particularly inspired me within my Honours year was having the privilege of engaging with other research students. Being able to explore our research projects together and exchange ideas really motivated me to ensure my research project was the best it could be and met the high standards demonstrated by my peers.

Do you have immediate plans after graduation?

Instead of grappling with the existential crisis of what happens after graduation and leaving QUT, I’ve decided to stick around! I’ll be writing up two journal articles and a conference paper, helping QUT Business School research projects as an assistant and hopefully tutoring a class by Semester 2. I’m slowly talking myself into doing a PhD – but I’ll make that call after I recover from Honours first.

Do you have any advice for fellow graduates?

My fellow graduates deserve every praise and acknowledgement for completing their studies as well – we made it! We should all proudly reflect on how far we’ve come, as getting here was no easy task. I hope the opportunities you’ve created through dedication, perseverance and sacrifices during your studies brings you every success.

What is your advice for first year students?

If I could pass on any advice to first-years – put yourself out there and enjoy the uni experience. Sure, devoting time to achieving the best grades you can is incredibly important – but make sure to leave yourself time to breathe, connect with others, and involve yourself with the uni community. Uni can take its toll mentally and physically – connecting with others going through the same challenges and giving yourself an excuse to leave the house is incredibly valuable in recognising that you aren’t alone, and that there’s more to uni than striving for the best grade.

Is there anyone you'd like to make a special mention of?

I’d especially like to thank Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr Rory Mulcahy for their supervision of my Honours research project. It was an absolute privilege being mentored by you both and I greatly appreciate the knowledge and opportunities you’ve provided me with.


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Lucas Whittaker will deliver the student address at the Semester 2, 2019 Graduation Ceremony for QUT School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.


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