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10 April 2018

Science meets art in this exciting environmental art workshop. The experience begins with art pieces from Transboundaries, an Alumni exhibition of artists working with environmental issues and technology, before embarking on a biological discovery using microscopes, photography and drawing. 

Students will be encouraged to explore, analyse and compare natural materials, before embarking on a creative expression of their findings. Learning about vascular systems in plant life, this workshop will reveal to students the beauty and knowledge found within their natural environment and how this knowledge can be captured through macro-cell photography.

This workshop is available to schools serviced by the Extreme Science and Engineering Van. To book this 70 minute STEM and Art experience email your preferred day and time to

"Science creates knowledge, art creates meaning"
Horst Hortner, ARS Electronica

10 April 2018 - 21 September 2018
Extreme Science and Engineering Van
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Science meets Art workshop


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