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Power, Energy and Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series 2017

06 February 2017

The Energy Researchers at QUT are pleased to invite you to the Power, Energy & Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series, presented on the first Friday of each month throughout the year.

Seminar 2: 3 March 2017. Using pay-per-use technology to bring electric vehicles and renewable energy to the 99%

While electric vehicles (EV's) have made it into the luxury vehicle market, current efforts to introduce low cost EV platforms have failed largely due to a single common factor – batteries. Octillion Power Systems pay-per-use system removes the up-front cost of electric vehicle batteries from the purchase and provides a pathway to rapid electrification from the bottom end of the market.

This seminar will be presented by Brendan Lee from Octillion's Australian team.

Seminar 1: 3 February 2017. Growing roar of the coming energy wave of change

Associate Professor Geoff Walker, the leader of Power Engineering discipline at QUT, updated us on the most recent challenges facing the electricity grid from the advances in technology are coming in waves, including renewables, batteries, and electric vehicles.


Close of business on the Wednesday before each seminar. Email:

12 - 12.50 PM followed by light refreshments
Z Block, Level 10, Z-1064, QUT Gardens Point Campus
Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT.
Adriana Bodnarova

Join us on the first Friday of each month for the 2017 Power, Energy and Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series.


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