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02 May 2019

The transition from full-time study to full-time work can be a little daunting. And students often report they find it difficult to get graduate positions without prior industry experience.

QUT’s Student Managed Investment Fund (QUT SMIF) is combatting this by offering students hands-on experience in managing a real investment portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other assets.

The QUT SMIF was first launched in 2018 to provide practical learning opportunities for select finance students and offers the chance for them to apply class theories and principles in a real-world financial scenario. Far from just a ‘simulated’ experience, the students are already managing a real portfolio valued at half a million dollars.

QUT Finance student Emily Reynolds speaks highly of the program. “It’s different to doing a regular program in a classroom, it’s actually a real-world experience which I think you learn a lot more from than what you do just sitting and watching a lecture,” she said

“The fact that we’re using real funds makes it not just a simulated experience in a class, it’s actually like having a job.”

QUT Finance student, Emily Reynolds

Thanks to funding from the QUT Business School and external donors, these students are able to participate and develop well-rounded skills as graduates, inevitably increasing their graduate employment prospects within the finance sector.

Last year's QUT Business School Outstanding Alumni Award winner, Jeff Dunn, is on the SMIF advisory committee. “I think one of the nice things that comes out of the QUT SMIF is that it pulls from all the disciplines which the students are learning. They’re using financial modelling data, they’re pulling in economic analysis but they’re also pulling in things like communication and marketing because they have to sell ideas and that’s a great real-world experience,” he said.

The QUT Student Managed Investment Fund was one of the giving areas included in the university's recent #QUTGivingDay and, with the generous support of donors, raised $17,505. Once the fund becomes profitable, financial returns will go directly towards supporting QUT students who face financial hardship through Learning Potential Fund scholarships.

Associate Professor Dr Anup Basu teaches two SMIF units in the Economics and Finance School. “When donors make a contribution, they’re not only supporting a great educational initiative, they are also making a very positive impact on society by helping students who are in need,” said Dr Basu.

Make a gift to the QUT Student Managed Investment Fund.

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