The Leadership Coaching Hub

The Leadership Coaching Hub is composed of a team of skilled coaches, mentors and alumni who provide expertise on embedding coaching approaches in leadership. This in-depth knowledge equips individuals and organisations with the skills to succeed and thrive in today’s organisational climate.

Developing a coaching mindset

The Leadership Coaching Hub operates under the principle of a coaching mindset. Developing a ‘coaching mindset’ is essential to effective leadership approaches in complex organisations. Coaching doesn’t replace leadership, rather it increases transparency in conversations, develops trust between leaders and team members, and provides an opportunity for team members to own their performance. The coaching mindset, which is being embraced in organisations, includes a spirit of curiosity, a belief in the possibility of others, and a focus on solutions over problems.

QUT has embarked upon a University-wide movement in the direction of embedding a coaching culture. QUTEx and the Graduate School of Business are actively developing coaching within the leadership culture, and partnering with HR on many leader-coach initiatives including with Heads of School, research leaders and line managers. ‬ ‬‬‬‬

Executive Graduate Certificate in Business

The Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring) is at the centre of the Leadership Coaching Hub. The Certificate is a 12 month, interactive online certificate designed for leaders and executive coaches who wish to enhance their leadership skills and impact through coaching and mentoring.

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Leadership Coaching Hub overview

LCAM on the edge

Provides a regular showcasing of international speakers who join us virtually to share their experiences and latest thinking in coaching and leadership and engage in edgy conversations with our coaching and mentoring partners.

Open learning and conferences

We aim to share the latest learning through the Leadership Coaching Hub via MOOC open learning platforms and conferences that provide practical opportunities for thriving in increasingly complex environments.

Research opportunities and transformative outcomes

We do some amazing things through our coaching and mentoring programs, from our work with organisations, to the High Impact Projects the students complete within our Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching & Mentoring) program, and we aim to capture this data to demonstrate the transformative outcomes achieved. We invite our coaching and mentoring partners to share and participate in these opportunities as well.

Workshops and other learning opportunities

Successful organisations are led by people who are not only quick to adapt, but also embrace a coaching mindset as a way to bring their team on the journey with them. We regularly hold coaching workshops providing participants with an opportunity to develop a coaching culture to bring out the best in people and organisations.

Networking and events

Collaboration, contribution and conversations are the cornerstone of the success of the Leadership Coaching Hub. We offer opportunities, either face-to-face or virtually, for our coaching and mentoring partners to network in a thought provoking and stimulating manner.

Coaching and mentoring panel

Our panel members and alumni are crucial to the success of all we do at the Graduate School of Business and, via The Leadership Coaching Hub, we provide a place to collaborate with our coaching panel, in conjunction with ongoing development engagements.

Hone your leadership skills

"The QUT Leadership Coaching and Mentoring program has been a valuable personal and professional development activity. The program’s learning model of theory, practical projects and self-reflection has strengthened my leadership capability, and supported me to meet the challenges faced by my organisation. I highly recommend the program to current and future leaders who are seeking to hone their leadership, coaching and mentoring skills."

- Peter Carne, Chief Executive Officer and Public Trustee of Queensland.

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