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15 February 2019

What makes entrepreneurs successful and resilient? This event will present insights from world leading entrepreneurship researchers in answer to this question.


Startups can change the world, startups can also fail! Entrepreneurship - the emergence of new economic activity based on business, technological, and social opportunities - has become one of most popular topics of our time.

How to develop new business ideas, risky innovative startups, and individual entrepreneurial mindsets driving successful entrepreneurship and coping with uncertainty and potential failure is not only the subject of economic and education policies, it has also transcended the popular world as book bestsellers, Hollywood blockbusters, and TV shows.

But what do we actually know from the world of academic research on entrepreneurship? What does empirical evidence say? While entrepreneurship research has become a major field in the social science in recent years, theories and empirical findings are still largely unknown to a wider public audience, including key agents in the entrepreneurial process (including entrepreneurs, educators, policy makers, investors and inventors).   

About the event

Join us to hear the most prominent and rigorously researched approaches and empirical findings in contemporary entrepreneurship research. International experts will discuss the factors that make entrepreneurs successful and resilient, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Associate Professor Martin Obschonka, Director of QUT’s Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE), Australia’s leading entrepreneurship research institution.

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Michael Fritsch (University of Jena, Germany)
    The role of entrepreneurial ecosystems for successful startups
  • Professor Dean Shepherd (University of Notre Dame, USA)
    Resilience and failure as important attributes of entrepreneurs
  • Professor Per Davidsson (ACE at QUT)
    External enablers in the entrepreneurial process, including new technologies, changed regulations, and demographic or socio-cultural shifts

This event is sponsored by Institute of Future Environments Transforming Innovation Systems research and supported by QUT Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research.

15 February 2019 - 15 February 2019
12.30pm to 3.00pm
QUT Gardens Point
Gibson Room, Level 10, Z Block
QUT Institute for Future Environments
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Hear insights from world leading entrepreneurship researchers


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