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03 August 2020

The School of Economics and Finance is hosting internal seminars, the Brown Bag Seminar Series, where faculty, PhD students and external guests are invited to present their ongoing  work to the School. The seminars run for 1 hour via Zoom. Staff and students are encouraged to have discussions following the presentations.


Yi Wang - QUT


Git for easier, better and more robust research


In this seminar, Yi Wang will introduce a battle-tested version control software, Git, to resolve frustrating problems arising from increasingly complex research activities. Tools like Dropbox and Overleaf provide a certain level of version control, but fail to properly track *all* changes made during research development, and eventually no one knows who changed which part of the paper, when that change occurred, and why that change was necessary in the first place. The workspace is cluttered, too. We need to constantly clean up our folders and files or we will end up with "One file, many versions". Finally, sometimes missing a dollar sign could break LaTeX and hours are spent to locate the issue. Luckily, Git and a little creative thinking could resolve these problems and bring many more benefits to your research! Git offers (1) line-by-line change-tracking with information on author, datetime stamp and notes for the change, (2) clean workspace that hides many versions of a file behind the scene, (3) time-travel ability to change the state of the whole project back to a certain version that you choose. Git could easily be applied to control text files such as LaTeX and do file, and with some trade-off, it can control any file.


03 August 2020 - 03 August 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm
Zoom link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Free to attend
QUT School of Economics and Finance
Nadeeka De Silva
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