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Facilities Management (FM) induction

Online induction training

Everyone who is involved in the construction or maintenance of campus facilities should complete our online HSE induction training program. This is a targeted training course, designed to provide all new personnel with:

  • important information for starting off
  • an overview of important work systems
  • specific hazard information
  • behaviour expectations.

It is a simple, self-paced course, with a short questionnaire at the end to reinforce understanding.

You must complete this induction if you:

  • engage, organise, co-ordinate project or employ any trade or service contractors on behalf of QUT
  • are employed at QUT in a trade or technical capacity
  • are a contractor, including an appointed principal contractor, or consultant providing services in a trade or technical capacity
  • are onsite to do a heavy delivery, such as setting up or operating items of specific high risk plant.

If you engage subcontractors to work on your behalf at QUT, you must ensure supervisory personnel and subcontractors complete the training and have key management access (if applicable) before starting work.

You do not need to complete this induction if you are a light delivery person.

Induction training for FM contractors

All contractors are required to complete training related to the work they're undertaking at QUT:

Heritage management plans

Heritage management plans have been prepared to assist QUT and the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency to manage changes to the heritage registered sites and buildings within QUT. Importantly, these studies establish a broad philosophy for adapting the buildings and their context, which should be an integral part of any changes.

To request these plans, contact your QUT project manager directly.

Gardens Point campus

View the heritage site, building and property boundary map for Gardens Point(PDF file, 156.7 KB)

  • Original Central Technical College site and Main Drive
  • GP101 A Block
  • GP103 U Block
  • GP111 E Block
  • GP113 F Block
  • GP114 G Block
  • GP115 H Block
  • GP117 J Block
  • GP124 W Block
  • GP126 R Block
  • Old Government House site
  • GP105 Old Government House N Block

Kelvin Grove campus

View the heritage site, building and property boundary map for Kelvin Grove(PDF file, 205.3 KB)

  • Lot 1 site - partial
  • KG132 Z3 Block
  • KG133 Z4 Block
  • KG134 Z5 Block
  • KG136 Z7 Block
  • KG137 Z8 Block
  • Lot 2 site
  • Lot 3 site
  • Lot 5 site
  • KG205 Z9 Block
  • KG206 Z10 Block
  • KG209 Z11 Block
  • KG211 Z13 Block
  • Gona Parade (BCC property)
  • Parer Place (BCC property)
  • Chauvel Place (BCC property)
  • Lot 19 site (Group 1 and Common Building site)
  • Lot 20 site (Group 2 site)
  • KG163 Residences Group 1
  • KG164 Residences Group 2
  • KG168 Common Building

KG101 A Block on Brisbane City Council Heritage Register(PDF file, 104.4 KB)

Design standards and guidelines (DSG)

The Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG) specifies the requirements for the design and construction of QUT projects by consultants and contractors. The DSG forms part of all design and/or construction projects and is in addition to the project specific scope of work. All contracts must specify the Edition and Amendments of the DSG pertaining to the project. Standards are chosen for the following reasons:

  • controlling aesthetics
  • providing equity in the physical environment
  • lowering life cycle costs
  • savings gained through bulk purchasing.

Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG) without appendices(PDF file, 9.4 MB)

DSG Appendix - 14: designated minor works, standard acoustic details, (1 October 2002)(PDF file, 217.6 KB)

DSG Appendix - 18.2: wayfinding signage manual - Issue C (15 November 2012)(PDF file, 6.2 MB)

DSG Appendix - 19: policy on future design of teaching space, Update 411 (August 2005)(PDF file, 57.3 KB)

DSG Appendix - 23.1: audiovisual installation standards and Guidelines - Revision 2.7 (PDF file, 2.0 MB)

DSG Appendix - 23.2: audiovisual facility design standards (revision 2.3)(PDF file, 1.0 MB)

DSG Appendix - 39.22: landscape design standards and guidelines, edition 4 (July 2008)(PDF file, 494.2 KB)

DSG Appendix - 39.22: landscapep protection guidelines for QUT campuses(PDF file, 98.2 KB)