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Thank you! Your contribution is making QUT a more dynamic place to study, work and play. We live in a diverse community where each individual brings fresh perspective and energy, all of which helps QUT personify its brand message as a university of the real world.


Content created for QUT could include but is not limited to: images including photographs, videos, web assets, games, interactive content, web streams, writing, visual art, audio recordings and more. Submitting this form will constitute formal acceptance for QUT to use your content.

An image which is sufficiently clear to enable you to be identified as an individual is personal information. QUT has obligations under its information privacy policy to ensure that personal information is used and disclosed only in ways which are consistent with Queensland privacy principles. In general, personal information is not disclosed or published unless the University has obtained the consent of the individual concerned.

QUT regularly reproduces content in its publications, digital screens/signage, promotional and marketing material and on its website. These images are used to promote the University or describe its activities. The images may be used for educational, publicity and/or advertising purposes in any media and for commercial or non-commercial purposes of the University.

QUT wishes to use and reproduce images of you and/or your content for these purposes and is seeking your consent to do so. If you agree to this, please read, complete and sign the consent below.