Contact centres and helpdesks

Academic record
An academic record is an official complete listing of courses and units you have studied at QUT.
AskQUT is an online knowledge base containing common questions and answers for staff and students.
QUT staff provide chat, email, phone and face-to-face enquiry services to students, staff and the general public.
Replacement parchments
Parchment certificate confirms completion of your course and the conferral of your degree. You will receive a parchment upon the conferral of your degree.
Student centres: HiQ
Our student centres, known as HiQ, are your place to go for student services, support, IT and general enquiries.
Student grievance resolution
The Student Ombudsman is a free, confidential investigative service for staff and student grievances, usually relating to academic or administration decisions.
Verification of qualifications
Online service to verify academic qualifications or studies undertaken at QUT.