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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University)
  • Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development (University College Cork(UCC))


  • Dr Matthews has over 10 years of teaching experience in the university and adult education sectors.  He has written and convened courses; delivered lectures, tutorials and workshops; produced innovative, multi-media teaching materials; set and marked exams and course work assessments; and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • In 2015, Dr Matthews has teaching involvement in: USB100 - Understanding the Built Environment (Coordinator - Sem 1); UDB473 (Lecturer/Tutor - Sem 1); UXB133 - Urban Studies (Coordinator - Sem 2); UDB475 - Regional and Metropolitan Policy (Coordinator - Sem 2); USB344 (Coordinator - Sem 2).

  • In addition to QUT, Tony has taught at Griffith University, University College Cork, Cork College of Commerce and St. John's Central College.

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