Dr Reihaneh Bidar

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Faculty of Science,
School of Information Systems


+61 7 3138 9043

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Associate Lecturer
Faculty of Science,
School of Information Systems


Information Systems, Service Science, Service Networks and Ecosystems, Co-creation, Networked organisations, Data Visualisation, Crowd-based Systems, Collaborative Systems and Technologies, Enterprise Crowdsourcing


Information Systems

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)


Reihaneh was involved in coordination and delivery of four different postgraduate and undergraduate units to a diverse body of students. In all four units, Reihaneh was responsible for coordinating the unit, content design, delivery of the lecture content, developing tutorial activities and designing authentic assessment:
  1. Design of Enterprise IoT (former Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing) (IAB230)- S12018-2019-2020
  2. Mobile and Pervasive Systems (IFN661)- S12018
  3. Mobile App Development (IAB330)- S22018
  4. Enterprise Architecture (IAB401)- S22019- 2020


Student Testimonial:

“ I think it’s great that Reihaneh has explanation in the slides that students can reflect on and also how she has practice examples in the lecture to cover the modelling or content covered. Recommending readings and her willingness and eagerness to lend the students a hand, really helps with the overall learning experience. Keep up the good work Reihaneh.”


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