Dr Patrick Hayman

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Faculty of Science,
School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


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Faculty of Science,
School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


Other Earth Sciences

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD (Monash University)


  • Earth Materials (ERB205); Unit Coordinator: Earth Materials comprises the study of minerals and rocks which form the solid Earth. The study of Earth Materials is essential for understanding the structure and composition of the earth and the detailed processes of the rock cycle. Earth Materials forms the basis for petrology (the study of the genesis of rocks) and geochemistry.
  • Geological Field Methods (ERB305); Lecturer: Field experience is an essential part of the professional training of geologists, environmental scientists and natural resource specialists in general. The theory and practice of methods to map, measure and interpret important geological features and characteristics are essential to the study of geology. Methods of mapping, orientation and interpretation are necessary skills for resource assessment, geo-exploration and environmental impact assessment.
  • Earth's Mineral Resources (ERB306); Unit Coordinator: Australia's wealth and future economic growth depend largely on its natural resources. A mineral resource represents an enrichment of an element or mineral that can be mined, processed and rehabilitated with financial and social benefit. The natural enrichment of an element or mineral to the levels of a mineral resource requires specific and complex interplay of a variety of geological processes. Thus, mineral resource exploration, delineation and extraction require skilled application of basic geological concepts and an appreciation of social implications.


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