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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Master of Science in Electronic Engineering (Mazandaran University)


Industrial Electronics (ENB344)

  • This unit is designed to cover the basic topics in power electronics such as: power semiconductor switches and driver circuits, AC-DC rectifiers, AC-DC controlled rectifiers, non-isolated and isolated DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, PWM theory and harmonic issues, Heat sink design, and DC motor drive


Power Electronics (ENB455)

  • This unit contains major topics in power electronics such as: space vector modulation (SVM), multilevel converters and modulation techniques, hysteresis current control technique, lossy components in power converters, power factor correction circuits, power converters averaging, EMC/EMI in power electronic systems, application of power electronics in renewable energy and power systems (HVDC, FACTS, Active Power Filters, and etc). The unit is also supported by computer simulations and practical laboratory.

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