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Faculty of Health,
School of Psychology & Counselling


Translating research into practice, Road user behaviour, Road safety in developing countries, Vulnerable road users, Older road users, Young drivers, Vision and driving, Drink driving, Road safety strategy and policy, Road environment and vehicle factors


Psychology, Public Health and Health Services, Other studies in Human Society

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Master of Business Administration (University of Adelaide)
  • BSc(Hons)(Psych) (University of Sydney)

Professional memberships and associations

Board Member, International Council for Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) National Treasurer, Australasian College of Road Safety Chair, Queensland Chapter, Australasian College of Road Safety Member, Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) Member, Road Traffic Injury Research Network (RTIRN)


Mark has a strong interest in building road safety capacity in low and middle income countries. This is pursued through the development and delivery of customised courses and the supervision of higher degree research students from low and middle income countries. Customised courses that have been developed under Mark's direction include a series of workshops in Indonesia aimed at fostering collaboration between transport, infrastructure and policing agencies at the local level, using the Safe System approach.  Other courses have been undertaken in Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Colombia, as well as in Australia.  For example, Mark was successful in obtaining funding for a program for 13 AusAID leadership Award Fellows from Pakistan and China, for a program entitled 'The governance and policing continuum'. Mark supervises a number of Masters and PhD students, both within the School and across Schools and Faculties.  Ten current  topics are listed under "Supervision"; in addition to those 10, the following topics are also currently under supervision or examination:

  • RV Road Safety
  • Identifying mobile phone use while driving hotspots based on roadway and contextual characteristics
  • Road Safety Evaluation of Engineering Treatments: Application of Econometric Modelling and Machine Learning Approaches
  • Exploring Moral Dilemmas in Simulated Traffic Situations Involving the Use of Autonomous Vehicles While Measuring Neuropsychological Correlates of Driver Intervention Performance
  • Exploring Legal, Social and Cultural Factors Relating to Crash Involvement, Enforcement and Legal Processes
  • The Impact of the Road Environment and Mobile Phone Distraction on Driving Behaviour
  • An Application of an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to Speeding in Saudi Arabia

The 10 most recent topics for PhD and Masters students who have completed their studies are listed under "Supervision"; in addition, the following topics have also been completed:

  • Developing a theoretical framework for improved practical application of a coordinated response in road safety (PhD)
  • The prevalence and impact of alcohol and illegal drug use among road users and its impact on traffic crash severity in Ghana (PhD)
  • Traffic Safety along Rural Mountainous Highways in Malaysia (PhD)
  • An investigation of the knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to drink driving among Chinese drivers (PhD)
  • Pedestrian crashes in Ethiopia: identification of contributing factors through modelling of exposure and road environment variables (PhD)
  • An application of an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour to understand drivers' compliance with the school zones speed limit in Australia and Malaysia (PhD)
  • Driver licensing experience of Korean Australian novice drivers (Masters)
  • Evolving a synergistic approach to road safety: an appraisal of the Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Change Facilitation (PSC) approach by means of two case studies (Masters)
  • A comprehensive investigation of the risky driving behaviour of young novice drivers (PhD)
  • The experiences of learner drivers, provisional drivers and supervisors with graduated driver licensing in two Australian jurisdictions (PhD)
  • Examining the effects of an eco-driving system on driver distraction (Masters)
  • Fatalism, Superstition, Religion and Culture: Road User Beliefs and Behaviour in Pakistan (Masters)
  • Examining psychosocial influences on speeding in Australian and Chinese contexts: A social learning approach (PhD)
  • Illegal street racing and associated (hooning) behaviours (PhD)
  • An Investigation Into How Work-Related Road Safety Can Be Enhanced (PhD)

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