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life-course transitions, identity development, culture and migration, qualitative research


Psychology, Cultural Studies, History and Philosophy of Specific Fields

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Bath)

Professional memberships and associations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology):

  • PYB203 Developmental Psychology (Unit Coordinator)
  • PYB358 Advanced Developmental Psychology (Unit Coordinator)
  • PYB100 Foundation Psychology (Guest Lecturer: Social Development)
  • PYB110 Psychological Research Methods (Guest Lecturer: Introduction to Qualitative Research)
  • PYB210 Research Methods, Design and Analysis (Guest Lecturer: Qualitative Research Designs and Methods)
  • PYB350 Advanced Statistical Analysis (Guest Lecturer: Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis)

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours Psychology):

  • PYB401 Advanced Research Methods (Guest Lecturer: Analysing Qualitative Data)
  • PYB404 Issues in Social Developmental Psychology (Unit Coordinator in 2013)

Student supervision:


  • Nick Campbell, Honours Psychology: The changing responsibilities of new fatherhood  (co-supervisor David Rodwell)
  • Samantha Archer, MSc (Educational and Developmental Psychology): Employed mothers navigating care, family and work
  • Mary Cavanagh, PhD: A phenomenological study of middle-aged white male baby boomers' experiences of ageing (co-supervisor Dr Margo Sendall)
  • Murray Rieck, PhD: Perspectives of the life experiences held by parents of young adults with intellectual disability who share the family home: Enduring strength from a labour of love (co-supervisor Prof Jane Shakespeare-Finch)


  • Ping Ho, DPsych: Understanding the transition into adulthood for first generation Asian immigrants in Australia: Exploring the similarities and differences in the meaning of adulthood for young Asian immigrants and parents of young Asian immigrants (co-supervisor Dr Patricia Obst)
  • Tania Cusack, Masters by Research: Under the skin of narcissistic kin: A qualitative inquiry into the use of online blogs by adult children of perceived narcissists (co-supervisor Dr Areana Eivers)
  • Leah Aspinall, MSc (Clinical Psychology): Transition into and through university: The use of media to manage educational adjustment (co-supervisor Dr Areana Eivers)
  • Ivan Chang, Honours Psychology: Transition to university: Transition to university stress, use of cultural elements and subjective well-being (co-supervisor Dr Patricia Obst)
  • Julie Chong, Honours Psychology: Social media: A resource for emotional support for emerging adults transitioning through university
  • Erin Cutler, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology: An inquiry into professional identity development and anticipated career pathways of psychology students enrolled in single and double degrees (co-supervisor Dr Areana Eivers)
  • Julie Goldsmith, MSc (Clinical Psychology): Too much and too scary? A qualitative study of the implementation of Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) in a young parent’s service (co-supervisor Joe Coyne)
  • Edmond Phon, Honours Psychology: Negotiating tensions: Views of Singaporean students enrolled in helping profession courses in Australia about success and identity
  • Stephanie White, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology: Professional identity in psychology single and double degree students: A dialogical self perspective (co-supervisor Dr Areana Eivers)
  • Gemma Williams, MSc (Psychiatry): Suicide reporting: Media professionals' attitudes and perspectives in the aftermath of Bridgend suicides (Cardiff University, UK; co-supervisor Karl Rice)


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