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Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teacher Education, Ict In Language Learning, Language Curriculum And Pedagogy, Language Teacher Professional Development, Researching Chinese English, Tesol And Languages


Curriculum and Pedagogy, Language Studies, Linguistics

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD (La Trobe University)

Professional memberships and associations

 Expert Panel Member of NSW Premier’s Kingold
Chinese Teachers Scholarship
 External Panel Member of Chinese Government
Scholarships for Private Students
 Member of International Applied Linguistics
 Member of Editorial Board of the Series of
Intercultural Communication Research Book, China
Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
& Higher Education Press
 Member of the Editorial Board of the University of
Sydney TESOL Paper
 Member of the Editorial Board of the Series of
Intercultural Communication Books, Shanghai
Foreign Language Education Press
 Member of the Advisory Body of Shanghai
International Studies Association
 Committee Member, Australian Society of
Technology and Science, Sydney NSW
Committee Member, Chinese Australian Academics
Society, Sydney University Branch
 Member of Queensland-China Council Cultural and
Educational Sub-Committee (1997-1999),
Queensland, Australia
 Member of National Consultative Group for NALSAS
Chinese language CO-ROM Project (1998-1999)
 State Accredited Provider of Professional
Development Chinese Language Education and
Pedagogy, Education Queensland (1996-1999)
 Chair of Chinese Language Teacher Interview
Panel, Education Queensland (1996-1999)
 QLD State Review Panellist of Chinese (1992-1999)
 NAATI Accredited Level 3 Professional Translator



Professor Shen is an experienced classroom practitioner with a teaching career spanning over three decades. He has undertaken teaching at the school and university level in Australia and overseas and has taught in a number of leading institions like Fudan University, Brisbane Grammar School and the University of Sydney. The university courses he has taught include:

Bachelor of Education (Languages teacher education)
- Introduction to Teaching Languages
- Teaching Macro Skills in Languages
- Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
- Computer and Technology in Languages
- Teaching Languages in Primary Schools
- Language Policy and Syllabus Studies
- Materials and Tasks in Language Teaching
- Teacher Competency in Languages
- LOTE Option Course (primary method)
- LOTE Option Course (secondary method)

Master of Teaching (Languages teacher education)
- Teaching Languages in Australian Schools (Bridging)
- Units of Study for Core Languages Year 1
- Units of Study for Core Languages Year 2

Postgraduate programs (TESOL)
- Contemporary Developments in ELT
- Language Teacher Professional Development
- English for Specific Purposes
- Principles of English Language Teaching
- Working in Language Teacher Development
- Teacher Research in the Language Classroom
- Languages in Primary and Elementary Grades
- Materials and Tasks for ELT
- Elective: Role Play and Simulation


Professor Shen has supervised numerous masters and PhD theses on a range of topics in applied linguistics, education and sociology. Doctoral research supervison completions include:

2010 - Perceptions, practices and contexts: Self construction and transformation of English teachers from a north-eastern Chinese university
2010 - Developing English literacy via a literary text-based approach in a Chinese elementary EFL classroom
2010 - Chinese PhD thesis acknowledgement: A communities of practice perspective (with Prof Brian Paltridge)
2009 - Uses of discourse markers in a Chinese English TV show: A comparative analysis
2008 - Pragmatics and pedagogy: An examination of College English teaching in China
2007 - A Critical discourse analysis of the Hong Kong English Extensive Reading Scheme (with Dr Alison Simpson)
2006 - Impact of computer assisted language learning on Korean university EFL students reading class
2005 - Teachers cognition and practice in Korean secondary classrooms: A case study
2004 - Student target-language use in beginner classrooms
2001 - Mature language learners

Master of Education Dissertation completions include:

 Intercultural synaisthesis’ in the intercultural approach: the empowering synthesis in foreign/second language education, a strategy for the promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity in the postmodern era
 Chinese students’ out-of-class English learning experience and their perceptions of extracurricular activities
 Using portfolio to teach writing to Chinese EFL students
 Place, self-image and identity development: A sociological study
 A study of English vocabulary development of Chinese students
 The University of Sydney students’ perceptions towards non-native speakers' English

Currently Professor Shen is supervising six PhD candidates on the following projects:

 Pragmatics, perceptions and strategies in Chinese College English learning
 Learning Chinese as a heritage language in Australia: Social identity and investment (with Dr Karen Dooley)
 Learner autonomy, motivation and performance: College English learning in extra-curricula contexts
 Discourses of care in higher education and the constitution of international student identities (with Dr Jo Lampert)
 Cultural conversions in translation: Memoirs of a Geisha
 Blog Professional Learning Community as an Alternative Means for EFL Teachers’ Professional Development in ICT Integration



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