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Professional memberships and associations

1. Statistical Society of Australia (SSA)

2. International Biometric Society (IBS)

3. ARC Centre of Excellence of Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS)

4. QUT Centre for Data Science (QUT-CDS)


1. In Semester 1, 2021, the units allocated for lecturing at QUT:

EUB 256: Exploring, Representing and Interpreting Mathematical Change

EUB355: Uncertain Situations

2. As a Sessional Academic at School of Mathematical Sciences, Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT (February 2019 -November  2020), the units taught:
:SEB 113: Quantitative Methods in Science (tutored workshops and computer labs, sem1, 2 -2019, one lecture in semester 1, 2020)
MXB344: Generalized Linear Models (tutored in sem2, 2019 and semester 1, 2020, lectured week 3-10 in semester 1 2020)
MXN600: Advanced Statistical Data Analysis (tutored & delivered 1 guest lecture in semester 2, 2019, lectured and tutored semester 2, 2020 )

3.  As a Lecturer in the department of Applied Statistics in East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (September 5, 2013 till August 5, 2017), the courses taught:

AST 201: Probability Distributions and Simulation
AST 202: Sampling Distributions
AST 130: Statistical Computing I (SPSS)
AST 230: Statistical Computing III ( R )
AST 231: Statistical Computing IV (Maple, Minitab and R)
AST 408: Modelling Time Series Data
AST 513: Applied Regression Analysis
STA 101: Introduction to Statistics and Probability
STA 217: Statistics for Business and Economics
STA 208: Statistics for Biologists
STA 102: Statistics and Probability
GEN 225: Demography and Economic Statistics



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