Professor Dale Nyholt

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Faculty of Health,
School of Biomedical Sciences

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Faculty of Health,
School of Biomedical Sciences


Human Genetics, Medical Genetics, Neurogenetics, Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Omics, Statistical Genetics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics (both Analysis & Software Development), Computational Biology, Gene Expression, mRNA, eQTL, DNA Methylation, meQTL, Epigenetics, Metabolomics, Serum Metabolites, Sex Steroid Hormones, Menstruation, Glucose, Thyroid, Genetic Epidemiology, Epidemiology, Genes, Environment, Genetics of Migraine, Genetics of Depression, Genetics of Endometriosis, Genetics of Epilepsy, Genetics of Comorbid Disease, Comorbitity, Mental Health, Vascular Dysfunction, Quantitative Genetics (including Disease and Trait Mapping Genetics), Trigger Factors, Triggers, Baldness, Hair Loss, Motion Sickness, Obesity (BMI), Pain, Reproduction, Telomere Length, Twinning, Twins.


Genetics, Statistics, Neurosciences

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Ph.D Health Sciences (Griffith University)

Professional memberships and associations

Professor and Academic Lead of Research, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health;

Head, Statistical and Genomic Epidemiology Laboratory (SGEL);

Co-Program Leader Genomic Epidemiology and Analysis, Centre for Genomics and Personalised Health (CGPH).

View my QUT SGEL websiteGoogle Scholar webpage ; Publons webpage ; current PubMed entries ; SGEL google site.

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Selected publications

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Research projects


Current supervisions

  • Identifying and Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Migraine via Functional Interpretation of Genome-Wide Association study (GWAS) Data
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Associate Professor Divya Mehta
  • The relationship between migraine and blood glucose variation
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Associate Professor Divya Mehta
  • Identifying and Characterising Blood Biomarkers Associated with Migraine Risk
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Distinguished Professor Lyn Griffiths
  • The Relationship Between Migraine and Thyroid Dysfunction
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Associate Professor Divya Mehta
  • Exploring the genetics of skin cancers
    PhD, Associate Supervisor