Dr Cynthia May

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Faculty of Creative Industries, Education & Social Justice,
School of Early Childhood & Inclusive Education

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Sessional Academic
Faculty of Creative Industries, Education & Social Justice,
School of Early Childhood & Inclusive Education


Education Systems, Specialist Studies in Education

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Uni of South Australia)

Professional memberships and associations

Registered teacher, QCT


University Partner     Supervision 2016-

EUB103                           Culture Studies: Indigenous Education
EUB003                           Managing Student Bahaviours Related to Complex Trauma
EUB112                           Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
EUB103                          Culture Studies: Indigenous Education
EUB003                         Managing Student Behaviours Related to Complex Trauma
EUB112                           Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
LCB002                          Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
EDB170                          Creating Positive Learning Environments
LCB003                          Education and Society 1
EDB172                          Education and Society 2
CRB003                         Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum Studies 1: History & Civics
LCN365_LCP410        Classroom Management
EDN673                         Culture Studies: Indigenous Education
EDB171                           Culture Studies 1: Indigenous Education
LCB333                           Classroom and Behaviour Management
LCN634_16se2            Supporting Students with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Needs
EDB005_166TP4        Teaching and Learning Studies 5: Professional Work of Teachers
2013-4                             Pacific Lutheran College Head of House
2011-13                            Moira House Girls School UK , Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School
2008-11                           St Margaret’s AGS,Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School (Brisbane)
2004-7                             Prince Alfred College, Head of Secondary School (Adelaide)
Annesley College:      Deputy Principal R-12, Head of Senior School; ICT Manager,
Sacred Heart College:       Head of Year 11 (Adelaide)
Lecturer, Panorama College of Technical and Further Education
Owner and principal of a training and consulting business

2018:   Lectures, LCB002, Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
2018:   Education Union presentation for International Women’s Day
2013:   Women Leading Women in Schools, GSA, Bristol
2008:   Managing Difficult Staff, Anglican Boys’ School (shared campus collegiality)
2006:   Women Leading Women: what does the literature say? (ANZAM, Dec)
2003:   Women as Educational Leaders: a new paradigm?
Australian College of Educational Leaders, Sydney, September (published on website)
2003:   To Thine Own Self be True: Curriculum and Innovation in the Middle Years
2002:   Implementing Change in Schools, IBMYP conference, Adelaide, July
2001:   Women Managing Women, University of South Australia
1999-2002: University of South Australia presentations to graduate teachers



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