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Architecture, Creative Industries,  Academic

Design Studio DAH710 4thYear Design studio                                                                            2018     Sem 1       Design Studio DAB511 3rd Year Design studio                                                                            2018     Sem 1     Design Studio DAB611 Sustainable design principles  multi-residential design                  2017     Sem 2 Architectural Visualisation DAB203  Manual & Digital design  tools diverse skills, draw 2016-7  Sem 2 Introducing Design History DEB202 Conducted tutorials, cross-disc.design history        2016     Sem 2       Co-ordination: Successfully designed developed, co –ordinated, implemented course in   2015   Sem 1 workshop skills for architectural design modelling; program in manual, digital tools for students Design StudioYear 2 DAB 310, Individual design tutorials, engaging students in peer,                    2013-4 Sem 1 1 Architectural History & Theory DAN125, teaching in higher learning, scholarly writing  2011-2 Sem 2 MILAN  Polytechnic University, Italy, Architecture School Guest Studio Design tutor 2012  Engaged students in urban regeneration mixed use multi-residential design process. .   PAVIA University,  Italy, Architecture School, Guest Studio Design Tutor,                                                   2012 April In studio engaged students in design processes for single dwellings    .   .       .       .      .          UNIVERSITY of QUEENSLAND, Architecture Faculty Sessional Academic in Design Studio  2009-11   Led tutorials of students in practical & collaborative design activities, hand drawing & physical modelling PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

  • HEA Higher Education Academy Associate Fellow, UK, Awarded, February      .          2018  Sem 1
  • QLD Housing Seminar: Architects Poole, Clare Donovan, Mainwaring. Bond Univ     2017  Sem 2
  • Writing Masterclass Professor Cathy Charmaz (Sonoma, California), 2 day workshop QUT. 2017
  • Teaching Advantage QUT                                                                                                            2017 Sem 2
  • Effective Communication, QUT Learning & Teaching Unit                                                 2017 Sem 2


  • Brings strong real world experiences working architectural practices in London, Brisbane, & Sunshine Coast into classroom
  • Brings a flexible approach to an organised logical structured presentation of learning material for both individual and collaborative student engagement to incite high levels of motivation in learners.
  • Ability to ground complex principles in real world examples for relevance to range of student backgrounds
  • Creating opportunities for students to master own learning with experiences in safe environments to  experiment, make mistakes until breakthrough to success, to be embedded and sourced in future for careers to make impact
  • Impactful teaching skills drawing upon structured teaching frameworks using practical examples with a range of online learning digital teaching support tools and blended learning environments
  • Clear supportive constructive feedback guiding students in strengthening their own self-directed inquiry
  • Enabling students to engage in understanding of sense of place in architecture with extensive knowledge of local architectural fabric, past and present, and local legislative practices.
  • Established relationships with numerous award-winning local architectural practices to assist students in experiencing real world architectural practice. Feedback in a timely manner
  • Undertaken external studies in sustainable design to support student applications of these technologies in design
  • Proficiency in both digital design tools and manual design tools
  • Excellent scholarly critical analysis skills, abstract thinking, higher and lateral thinking, with high attention to detail

ARCHITECTURAL PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Architectural professional practice with Peter Tonkin of Sydney (now Tonkin Zulaikha Greer). This was built upon by working in London architectural practices, and award-winning Brisbane and Sunshine Coast practices.

  • Sinnamon Architects, Brisbane: Queensland & SA residential design, St Mary’s Conservation 2006-12
  • Young Architects, Sunshine Coast: Single & multi-residential Design.  2005
  • Arc+Architects Sunshine Coast:  Single unit residential design and 2004-5
  • Kevin Hayes Architects (KHA) Brisbane: Residential design development, multi-residential 2004
  • Middap Ditchfield Architects, Sunshine Coast: Design residential civic hospital &multi-residential, Community consultation, co–ordination of consultants 2003
  • John Mainwaring Architects (JMA) Brisbane Sunshine Coast: Architects solo design project Sunshine Beach,


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